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Hey! Just wanted to start a thread for those of you planning to apply for the 2013 ELM cohort! Let's hope funding goes through and the program will be good to go for next fall! So excited! Look forward to seeing/hearing from... Read More

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    Do you have the TEAS study guide from ATI? I got that with 2 online practice tests. I did one before taking the test or studying, then figured out what areas I needed to work on. After reading through some of the stuff, I did one of the written practice tests (but still timed myself) and did a ton better. I think it was sort of nerve-racking for me to see an instant "correct/wrong" after answering each question.

    The one page I remember cramming in the parking lot before the test was the parts of a cell. We didn't have to memorize that in depth for anatomy, so I just found a way to remember each part and the basics about it. I think there were about 3 questions on my test about cell parts, so it worked out well for me!

    Is there a particular section that you struggled on last time you took the test? Did you feel like you knew material then found out you got answers wrong?

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    I took it twice and ended up with the exact same general score. My math did improve the second time around. However, I felt like the reading was harder the second time around. I struggled with the English language section both times. I feel like I did we'll on that section in the practice exams but I felt like the actual test was harder. I have the ati and McGraw hill books. Idk what else to purchase that will help me.
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    Hi guys, did anyone send in their application yet? I took the TEAS once already but want to take it again and I am planning to do so towards the end of March. Has anyone sent in their applications without their TEAS scores or do you know if we have to wait to have the scores before we send them in?
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    I don't think the teas scores need to be sent in before your application. Csulb is offering some teas test dates for elm applicants and there are a few dates that are past the April 2nd deadline. I emailed them about taking the test past the deadline and they said it was fine.
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    Fine if your taking it at CSULB during the most recently posted test dates on the website.
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    I sent in my application on March 4th. I am anxious to see if I get invited for an interview. I mailed in my application on a Monday, I did certified mail to confirm when it was exactly delivered. Then the following day, I sent my TEAS test score through ATI.

    I used the TEAS study guide from ATI and two practice tests. I read and studied that study guide cover to cover and did whatever practice problems I could find. Overall, I did pretty well.

    Best of luck to you! The competition is super tough!
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    does anyone know if there will be an information session before the application deadline?
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    That's what I was wondering too...
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    for the supplemental application, is the only thing that we have to send in the application form itself? and that's it?!
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    Current ELM6 cohort member here.

    @jsuwan001: I don't believe there will be an interview for ELM prospective students. ELM6 did not have any.

    @jcsong: It looks like it's just the application to the School of Nursing and nothing more. I also don't think there will be any additional information meeting. If you have more questions, contact --------------- or ask here.

    Shout out to malefocker! and chouxpastry! (Is that you, EB?)
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