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  1. I am a pre-nursing student currently enrolled at CSULA, I plan to apply to the school of nursing at CSULA and I was wondering if any of you know how they pick the people that get into the program? Do they mostly focus on the GPA or volunteering ???
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    Ok well I don't attend Cal State LA, but I am applying to their school and the nursing program this fall.

    If you go to Google and type in 'CSULA nursing' then click the 1st link and then when you get to the page click admission information, then click bsn application and procedures. Its for the 2010-2011 year but it will be relatively the same as next years, I am assuming.

    As far as I know your pre reqs are
    General/Intro Psychology
    Developmental psych*
    English Comp
    General Chemistry
    Critical Thinking

    *=required for 1st quarter nursing program, not for admission

    As I said, if the dates and process should be the same as the one currently up. So you need all 6 pre reqs above done before mid-March. That means you apply in the fall to enter the next fall.
    Micro and speech are due mid-June

    CSULA, like a lot of the other BSN programs around, runs off a points system. Meaning, you get a certain amount of points and once you hit a threshold, they invite you for TEAS, and them that is considered in your 'score'
    Your score, depending on how many qualified applicants v points these applicants have, determine whether you get into the program.

    Points are given and determine by: Pre-requisite GPA, overall GPA, TEAS score in english and reading, and healthcare experience/volunteer hours.

    Broken down by
    Pre-req GPA: 10 points
    Overall GPA: 5 points
    TEAS Reading: 5 points
    TEAS English: 5 points
    ***Next catergory is one or the other, doesnt matter if you work as a CNA and volunteer, you only get points for one.
    Healthcare experience: 3 points MAX
    Volunteer >100 hours: 2 points MAX
    50<x<100: 1 point MAX

    So that is how it is broken down.
    So if you notice, pre req GPA is worth the most, so definitely start, and try your best for the best grades because competitive is fierce! I mean it seems easy, but I have heard, non-alternates, the lowest getting in is 23/24.
    So yes, having healthcare experience/volunteer hours will definitely help you. Even though they are worth so little, if you can get at least 20-23 points it will add another 2-3 points for you and that could be the difference between being accepted and/or being waitlisted or even denied.

    Since you attend CSULA, I would stop by the nursing office and get some general info. I covered a lot of it on here, and I don't even attend either! Well these days with nursing being so sought after, its gets competitive and you really have to research before you apply!
    ***My advice is to not just apply to only one school, because CSULA doesn't favor their own students, and actually a lot of people they accept are transfers. CSULA students tend to maybe slack off on their grades thinking that they will be favored over a transfer. Do not assume thats the case cause its not.

    Good luck and here is a link from the CSULA website which is where I got the information.
  4. by   musicgurlieee
    thank you this was very helpful.
    But I have one more question, like what other nursing schools can I apply to?