1. Any fellow applicants to Cal State Fullerton's EL-MSN program for Fall 2013? I wasn't able to find any topics started for 2013, so I thought I would get one rolling... It would be nice to hear from some of you as we wait together! I'm also interested in hearing from current CSUF EL-MSN students and how you're doing one or two years in. What are the program's strengths and what are some areas of improvement? I haven't been able to find too much information.. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.. Thanks!
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  3. by   jcsong
    Hi wooltie! I'm also applying to CSUF's EL-MSN program
    took me a long time to find this thread because I am mostly checking the Post Grad forums... do you know when we will be hearing back regarding interviews? I honestly have no idea what to expect since it seems like the timeline has been completely changed from previous years. Are you also waiting to hear back from other schools?
  4. by   wooltie
    Oh, hi! I didn't see your reply until now.... Yes! The 2013 application and timeline seems so different from previous years... According to their website, I think we'll know whether we get an interview or not this month or in January, which will be here in no time. I should check out the post grad forum (I'm not sure if I even posted this thread in the right place, hehe..) I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like chatter from potential/current/former EL-MSN students at Fullerton has been close to nonexistent lately. Back to the interview... from what I read here, I think it will consist of an interactive, group exercise and answering the normal interview questions. This is actually my second round applying, and I'm glad I have a nursing interview under my belt. I remember repeatedly rehearsing my answers for potential questions, but the day of, I think I came across not as genuine or that I didn't even know what nursing is truly about. If I get another opportunity, hopefully I can speak with conviction yet be myself. No, I didn't apply to any other schools because of various factors. If I don't get in, I might apply to a school out of state where I've already cleared the pre-reqs with the admissions advisor, but I have to think about it some more. Are you waiting to hear back from other programs? There is actually a Yelp review I came across on CSUF by an EL-MSN student, haha, but hey... it was still something!
  5. by   jcsong
    I saw a bunch of EL-MSN students in their uniforms when I went to the CSUF campus to take the HESI exam. They seem to be really busy with their simulation labs and I can tell the program must be intense! CSUF seems like a good choice for me also, since I live in the OC... but yeah it would definitely be great if we can get some feedback from students and their thoughts on the program. I guess we will be hearing back soon, since interviews take place in January/February. eeek! We will be hearing back through email, right?
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  6. by   wooltie
    Yep, I think we'll hear back through email. Have you seen any updates to your CSUF account (after you log in with your campus-wide ID)? Nothing seems updated there and I haven't received any emails from the school of nursing. I called SON to confirm if they received the application packet, but the person I talked to said they don't give out confirmations.
  7. by   jcsong
    Interview invites are sent out! Check your email!
  8. by   wooltie
    Yes, I saw the email too! Congrats
  9. by   bennybop
    Hi there! Just thought I'd join the group, just got my email so very excited! Do either of you know is the interview to see your nursing knowledge or is it more about finding out who you are and if your a good fit for the program??? Congrats on your interviews!
  10. by   jcsong
    @bennybop, the email said "The purpose of the interview is to assess your oral communication skills, ability to work in groups, and commitment to program completion", so I am assuming it's the latter. I think they already have a pretty good idea of our nursing knowledge from the HESI assessment exam. What days are your interviews? Mine is 1/15. I wonder how many interview groups there will be this year?
  11. by   bennybop
    jcsong...yah I read that but wanted to double check....just because I always hear people say they studied for their interview which confused me I guess Mine is on the 15th as well! I know I'm curious as well how many interviews there will be!?
  12. by   wooltie
    Hi bennybop! yay, another applicant... Mine is on the 15th too! For the interview, prepare for the typical questions... I'm sure allnurses will be a great resource. I really like how they will conduct one-on-one interviews in addition to a group interview/portion.
  13. by   vatran
    Hi everyone! Congratulations for getting interviews! Mine is on January 16th. Does anyone else have the same interview date? And also, this would be my first nursing interview so it would be nice to get an idea of what kind of questions that they'd potentially ask!
  14. by   jcsong
    looking forward to meeting some of you tomorrow at the interview! so anxious/excited at the same time lol