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Any fellow applicants to Cal State Fullerton's EL-MSN program for Fall 2013? I wasn't able to find any topics started for 2013, so I thought I would get one rolling... It would be nice to hear from... Read More

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    Well I'm pretty sure I'm out. The interview wasn't too bad for those of you who are worried, but I realized once I left that I had gotten so nervous I never even answered one of the questions they asked I just kinda went on rambling about something else....and since they are interviewing 80 people I'm sure 20 of those people will actually answer their question. Ugh I feel so dumb
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    don't be discouraged, bennybop! I was beating myself up too after coming back from the interview... there were a lot of things I wish I had mentioned but forgot to. I'm sure the people who interviewed us will be understanding. maybe there was something in your other answers that impressed them! you never know. but let's hope for the best. even if it didn't work out with csuf, at least we gained valuable interviewing skills! lol. are you applying to other schools?
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    hi guys! yeah... don't be discouraged, bennybop. we don't know yet! :-)
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    Yah I just am really good at interviews usually and I feel like I really missed the mark with this one I haven't applied anywhere else either so that kinda sucks...oh well I'll just try again next year but I guess they are changing the program so hopefully I still meet the qualifications
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    Hi everyone! I just received an email saying that I've been put on the alternative list has anyone else gotten any responses? Best wishes to all.
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    vatran, sincere congrats on getting on the alternates list! i received an email tonight saying i was accepted and wanted to post it here, but i got swept away from sharing the news with others. i am so thrilled and thankful to be a future nursing student at csuf! i got a good impression from the faculty during the interview.... all the best to the other applicants.
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    @wooltie congrats on getting in!! I just need to wait now! Dreadful waiting lol. Does anyone know if everyone gets to be on the alternates list or how many alternates there are? Thank you in advance and good luck everyone!
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    Hey there....also on the alternate list. I hope I get in ...kinda sad...but congrats to those that did!
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    Wooltie can you tell us if there's a date you guys have to accept by? Maybe that can give the alternates an idea of when we may get notified....although it says we can get in up to August.
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    @bennybop acceptance deadline is by march 1st. @vatran, not everyone is on the alternates list... i'm not sure how many alternates there are.
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    I am in too! congrats to all those who got in! CSUF is a great school and I would love to go there, but I wish I could at least weigh my options before I decide. I am still waiting to hear back from three other schools, and I know for sure that I am not going to hear back before 3/1. does anyone else have the same dilemma? It would be great if only the deadline was a little later!
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    @jcsong and @wooltie, I also received my acceptance letter last night!!! I am very excited and wanted to see when you guys interviewed...mine was 830a on 1/15! Cannot wait to get to know you guys and spend the next few years together Congrats to those on the alternate list as well, your chances of getting into the program are pretty good!!
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    hi everyone...it seems that no one has posted on this board in awhile. I also was accepted to CSUF, were any of in the group of interviews on January 16?

    Are any of you hoping to go somewhere else or is this your first choice?

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