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Which nursing program would you choose to attend, CSUEB or SJSU? And, why? Your answers are kindly appreciated. :specs:... Read More

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    I've heard AWFUL things about SJSU. When I called the counselor to get more info she was like "don't bother applying here if you don't have a 4.0" SO RUDE!!!
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    Is SJSU nursing program bad as in they do not prepare you well enough/do not get the help you need?
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    I've a lot of buddies from sjsu. Counselors are of no help, nursing staff are unorganized and useless. Really large cohorts split into several groups by clinical instructors that were very inconsistent with grading. My application was lost the first time I applied back in the day.
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    Ha I wrote that last year. Jokes on her, I got in
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    I also wanted to add that if you're a slow-learner like me, SJSU has the semester system which is much slower-paced and easier to learn material than CSUEB's fast quarter system.