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Which nursing program would you choose to attend, CSUEB or SJSU? And, why? Your answers are kindly appreciated. :specs:... Read More

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    Honey bean, stay at SJSU if you can. I don't know how bad it is, but you've already put in a lot of hardwork, try to stick it out. Believe in yourself because in healthcare you definitely need to build thick skin as there are some really nasty people out there. I worked in direct patient care for 6 years and the last 4 I've been doing medical reception. You'll face many more challenges in this career. If you can find the strength to continue, you will be extremely successful in the future. I'm just telling you this because dropping out on nursing school may severely affect your ability to get into another program.

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    honey bean, please do not give up. I agree with 1waitingpatiently. Many people are dying to be in the nursing program, but cannot. Nursing is not an easy job, you will have to face much more difficult situation, often life and death situation. If nursing is your dream, please do not give up. I am hoping and praying every night and day to get into the nursing program, doesn't matter what i have to go through, I will tough it out because nursing is the one thing I want to do.
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    GOOD LUCK to you in whichever you have chosen or has chosen you. I felt compelled to leave a comment on this post for 2 reasons.... I am an SJSU student and honestly have found NO problems as those comments stated before and feel it needs to be addressed. I dont want to bash or corner anyone, but i find it an issue when you dont realize that life is just going to be complicated. i see students that complain about the difficulty and response of others being uneccessary or over the top. someones criticism may be mistaken for screaming, and in reality NURSING is a tough profession. patients will yell at you, family members will yell at you, and lord forbid a co-worker does to. there needs to be a certain level of resolve and thicker skin or failure will happen regardless of profession or placement. part two------ the reality of this profession being more than just a paycheck or job will hit you eventually and frankly the best thing to do is focus on your studies, regardless of placement, get a bachelor's or more because the profession is changing (and frankly accordingly based on wages and designation of a nurse as a professional) and will be needed. and find yourself a good support system that will understand the work youre going through right now will pay off, but will be tough. also surround yourself with positive strong people that will get you through, and dont open a door for whininig and complaints because frankly- iy will be tough anywhere you go--- look at what will get you past the nclex and in a job because frankly the fluttery lovey touchy feely crap wont get you to pass or a degree....

    oh and my vote
    whichever school accepts you that you can afford.......
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    I've heard AWFUL things about SJSU. When I called the counselor to get more info she was like "don't bother applying here if you don't have a 4.0" SO RUDE!!!
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    Is SJSU nursing program bad as in they do not prepare you well enough/do not get the help you need?
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    I've a lot of buddies from sjsu. Counselors are of no help, nursing staff are unorganized and useless. Really large cohorts split into several groups by clinical instructors that were very inconsistent with grading. My application was lost the first time I applied back in the day.
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    Ha I wrote that last year. Jokes on her, I got in
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    I also wanted to add that if you're a slow-learner like me, SJSU has the semester system which is much slower-paced and easier to learn material than CSUEB's fast quarter system.

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