CSUDH MEPN Fall 2012

  1. Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for those of us who are apply to start the CSUDH MEPN program for Fall of 2012!! I have followed some of the past threads and am excited to FINALLY start applying!!

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  3. by   hk08
    I am so glad you started a fall 2012 thread i tried asking questions on the old thread
  4. by   hk08
    I am not to familiar with the CSUDH program I did read everything online but I wanted to clarify that most of the stuff will be online courses then then sometimes on campus? Do you know what the avg gpa is to get in or how many people apply. Usually schools have past statistics of students so we know what kind of range and ball park we are looking at?
  5. by   kimk33
    I applied to CSUDH 2012 mepn program. I just turned in my portfolio. I hope I get an interview!
  6. by   kimk33
    In response to hk08, there are two pre-requisite courses, which are Pathophysiology and Research Methods that are online courses. The actual program itself is not online. There may be some online courses within the program, but it is definitely full time and the majority is on campus. As far as GPA, a 3.0 or higher for undergraduate studies and pre-requisites is required. I asked how many people applied last year and they said around a hundred. Hope this helps!
  7. by   tnbutterfly
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  8. by   GozXamaica

    I was considering applying to the CSUDH MEPN program for fall 2012. Did anyone go to the MEPN workshop? And why is the workshop $50?

  9. by   kimk33
    I attended a workshop and at first I was annoyed that I had to pay $50, but it is very informative and they sit down with you one by one and go over transcripts and let you know basically if you have a chance. In my experience with researching other programs I found this to be the best presented. Other schools required $100 just to submit an application. CSUDH MEPN program requires the $50 for the workshop, which also goes over thoroughly what they expect of you and all the components of the portfolio they require. The application is also $50, which equals the amount of any nursing schools applicaton.
  10. by   GozXamaica
    Thanks for the info.

    Meeting with students one on one and reviewing their information with them sounds awesome. But the $50 still hurts my heart. The school has a great name and has produced some excellent nurses who have gone on to become professors, researchers, nurse practitioners etceteras. CSUDH is also CCNE acredited and and their staff is well credentialed.

    I think that it is unethical to charge that $50. If the workshop included demonstrations and teaching skills that qualified for CEUs or something, then I think it would be okay.

    CSULA and CSU Fullerton have higher NCLEX scores than CSUDH. I emailed them to ask about my transcripts and what they would accept regarding my pre-requisites and they responded with answers. All the schools should do that. CSUDH's NCLEX passage rate was 78.26% for 2010-2011. Which to me means that I have a 78.26% chance of becoming an RN. Based on 2009-2010 NCLEX scores I would have a 65.38% chance of becoming an RN. What's more, CSU all students will paying an extra $498 for tuition (9% increase) as of fall 2012, which I totally understand. California state legislature reduced funding to state schools by 9%.

    I would feel better about it if the $50 was reimbursed if the prospective student doesn't get accepted.

    I hope this helps.
  11. by   Star28
    I'm also applying here and other schools. I need to Finish the Profolio I haven't finished yet. I'm finishing up pre-reqs and trying to get everything together for all the schools I'm applying to. Applying is a a lot of money, but well worth it. I hope I get in somewhere!! I really want to start making a different. For years I've been sitting on the sideline as others were medical prof and I wasn't. May we all get in somewhere!
  12. by   GozXamaica
    I can totally dig it. I am tired of sitting on the sidelines too. We're all in this boat of wanting to make a difference. I wish the best for all of us.
  13. by   ryan07
    Thank you so much for starting this tread I am just trying to finishing my portfolio for fall 2012. Did you already finished yours?
  14. by   mysol336
    Does anyone know when we are supposed to hear back for interviews? Correct me if I am wrong, I believe it is February?

    Thank You,