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I didn't see a thread for CSUDH MEPN-- Fall 2011 so I thought I would start one. I plan on attending the Dec 2nd information session and this will be my 2nd time applying. I'm still nervous about the whole selection process but I... Read More

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    bsn 380+381 are under nursing-undergrad.

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    Oh ok thanks
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    did you guys find out what we need for 502? also, anyone get an email for the extra orientation dates or heard anything new about it?
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    They just sent out an email about an hour ago about the orientation dates! =)
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    Yay just read the email will see every one next week :-) and the 502 books still not up yet so hopefully next week they will give us all that information .
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    Hello everyone! I plan to apply to the MEPN program next year (2013). For those of you currently in the program - what is it like? Was it what you expected? What are your job prospects? What were your classmates like? How intense is the program? Thank you!
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    I started Fall 2011. I like the program and my classmates. We are a small cohort (13 people) which makes it easy for everyone to get along. If you like keeping busy then this is for you! There are always deadlines, but its manageable. Time to socialize with friends have to be sacrificed for school, unfortunately. In the end it will pay off. Good luck to you!

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