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I didn't see a thread for CSUDH MEPN-- Fall 2011 so I thought I would start one. I plan on attending the Dec 2nd information session and this will be my 2nd time applying. I'm still nervous about the whole selection process but I... Read More

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    Quote from MentalHealthCNLam
    Hello everyone!

    Although I haven't posted on here for a while, I have been keeping up with the thread. Congrats Akuku and everyone else who have received the first letter of acceptance! For those who haven't, there's still hope! Keep applying and please don't give up your dream to be a nurse!

    To my future classmates, have you heard anything yet from JE regarding orientations? There were 3 orientations last year that the students were required to attend. I only heard about Aug 25th. In addition, no details yet regarding uniform, books, background check, etc.

    Anyone from Long Beach?

    I spoke with ------ yesterday and he said he is still making the final cut for this years cohort so he will send out an email "soon" with all the details. He also said there will be 3 orientations as well.
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    Congrats to those who got accepted! =)

    Have any of you obtained your CNA cert yet?
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    haha i haven't yet. I am enrolled in the red cross class now, taking the state test on june 23rd. Are you attending the program in fall!? Have you gotten your CNA yet?
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    Hi genzey,

    Yup! I am in the MEPN program for Fall 2011. I saw that the red cross offers CNA cert too, but its so pricey!! I found one for $160 and one for $600 and they're both certified =)

    I was just wondering where everyone else got theirs =P
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    Where r those offered!? Where r u from? I did the red cross only bc i didnt have enough time to do it at a city college after i found out i was accepted. The red cross is only 22 days long to, lets hope i pass the test
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    i found a sheet online with all the CNA certs offered throughout california. I just called the ones in my area to find the most affordable one that ends by the time our program starts. =P
    the red cross was pricey! lol.
    You will pass the test! If u can get admitted into the masters program, that'll be a breeze =)

    aannndd I am from Long Beach. Where are u from?
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    im from long beach too! did u end up doin it at ROP?
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    hahah nice!
    No im doing it through pathways college. It was the most affordable one i found. Did u take ur CNA test already?
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    no i take it this thursday! Have any of you heard anything on when the orientation is or even when the program starts!? I keep getting worried that I am not getting the emails that said were going to be sent soon.
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    The orientation is on the 25th of August. Students need to pay an orientation fee ($ 50.00) in advance or you will have to pay ($75.00) on the actual day.I have no idea when the actual classes commence.

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