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I didn't see a thread for CSUDH MEPN-- Fall 2011 so I thought I would start one. I plan on attending the Dec 2nd information session and this will be my 2nd time applying. I'm still nervous about the... Read More

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    You have to sew the patches on yourself...or hire someone to do it. And the sizes run pretty big, so you should probably order a size smaller than you normally would buy. Mine are small tops and medium bottoms. My friend's are probably extra-small.

    Don't believe what ---- says about you HAVING to get the stethescope he wants you to get. Your clinical instructors could care less what kind you have. In fact, our instructor told us to get the $20 one so we didn't lose our expensive ones...
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    is any one planning on working while in school. ive been looking at nursing jobs and they all say they want experience of at least a year. i have my cna cert and ive been looking for jobs but i really dont want to work at a nusring home becaue they dont pay well 10 bucks i so cant live off of and the work is brutal . any one know of where i should apply or know of a hositpal that is hiring like even for a low level job , thanks :0
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    A couple people worked a few hours while in the program, but for most of us it was nearly impossible. When they tell you that you won't have time to work, they really mean it.
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    For real wow well do they talk about how to gain employment after the program ? I wonder how the graduates of this program did with finding jobs
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    As far as I know, things aren't great for new RNs in general and CSUDH is no exception. You have to start networkinig day 1. During my interview I asked if they provide help finding jobs after graduation, and she said no. They expect the students to try and get a job out of the preceptorship in your second year.
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    Yea.I kind of figured that well I.guess I.should let the networking begin now then lol
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    I just graduated from the MEPN program at CSUDH. It is a very challenging program. Don't expect to have much of a personal life. Networking is very important. I wish I had taken that into consideration much earlier in my student career. I'll answer a few questions if you guys want. I'll be busy for the next couple of days but I plan to check back Thursday. Good Luck!
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    Oh ok.thanks that's great I guess how.is the program over all like are the classes really hard, do the teachers help out a lot if you don't understand a concept. Did the materials and books cost a ton. And have you found a job yet ? Does the place you did your clinicals at reach out to hire any of you guys ?? That's all my question for now unit.I think of more. Thanks
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    I have pretty much the same questions as patiently-waiting.. but I was also curious as to where all your clinicals were? Did you work part-time at all while in the program? or do you think this is impossible to juggle both?
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    As happy as a thief who finds the door left open.I got a admission to MEPN, finally. Let the MEPN adventure commence.:spin:grad:*wine
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    Thank you.
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    Hello everyone!

    Although I haven't posted on here for a while, I have been keeping up with the thread. Congrats Akuku and everyone else who have received the first letter of acceptance! For those who haven't, there's still hope! Keep applying and please don't give up your dream to be a nurse!

    To my future classmates, have you heard anything yet from JE regarding orientations? There were 3 orientations last year that the students were required to attend. I only heard about Aug 25th. In addition, no details yet regarding uniform, books, background check, etc.

    Anyone from Long Beach?