CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2014

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    Fall 2014 CSUSM ABSN hopefuls- this is the forum to share, bounce ideas off, ask questions with your fellow applicants! I am finishing my last two prerequisites during this Spring 2014 semester but have my rolling application and Teas already submitted. Since many applicants have recently received their acceptance letters for the Summer 2014 cohort, I figured now would be a good time to open up the next forum for Fall. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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    Hey achurley!! I sent my transcripts/TEAS a while ago too, but haven't even received an evaluation yet, so I'm hoping for Fall 2014 too!

    Good luck to everyone!!!
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    Back in Dec. right; How many weeks has it been that you've been waiting for your eval.?
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    I sent my application late Jan. and have not heard a thing.... I have called them as well but no updates.... I hope that we hear back soon
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    Nice to meet you all! You absolutely have to wait for the eval to be done prior to applying, right?
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    I was Actually referring to the evaluation they send you after you apply! Because it is rolling admissions, they say to apply during your last pre-reqs, and they will evaluate you within 6-8 weeks, letting you know which classes you have left to take.

    I initially submitted documents in early November, and then last month they asked for a syllabus, and when I called for an approximate timeframe, they said my 6-8 weeks essentially started over, haha. So I would say to apply as early as you can in order to get into Fall.

    Good luck!
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    I sent my applicationa and transcripts Jan 31st and my application status is finally posted as " completed". It takes a while for them to review your transcripts and multiple calls on my part. Now I am waiting on the evaluation to arrive.
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    My evaluation came in the mail yesterday, so it took 6 weeks almost exactly for the turn around. Of course no point values yet because I'm finishing up two core classes right now. Glad to have it in my hands though

    That means @vaguayo you should have yours in about 1-2weeks I estimate.

    @NJaan they will only send your evaluation (aka Advising worksheet) once you've taken your Teas test, payed for and submitted your application and mailed all official transcripts.
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    That's good to know!! I guess they weren't kidding about the 6 weeks turnaround time. =)
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    @achurley, does CSUSM offer conditional acceptance to those who are still working on their last per-requisite classes?

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