CSU San Marcos Spring 2013 ABSN program

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    Hello Future Nurses!

    Just figured I'd start a new thread for the upcoming spring 2013 cohorts. Is anyone looking for a roommate(s)?? I live up north in the bay area, so I have no idea what places are good to live at. Can anyone please recommend some places/apartments?

    Thank you!

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    Hi emily45! Congratulations! Which campus did you get accepted to? I got accepted to the San Marcos campus
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    Hi!! Congratulations to you as well! I also got into the San Marcos campus =] Looking forward to meeting everyone
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    Thanks emily45! I actually live in SD so I won't be looking for a place to stay, but there are neighborhoods near CSU San Marcos that you can find housing at...if there are other people that are also looking for a place you can probably rent a house. I guess it really depends on how far of a commute you are willing to have and what type of place/neighborhood you're looking for. But I don't know if it matters if you live near the school or not because we'll be driving around to different sites for clinicals.
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    Yeah, I figured a lot of people in SD would just commute from there. Where did you do your undergrad if you don't mind me asking?
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    I went to UCI. What about you? Did you apply to programs out in the Bay as well?
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    I almost went there, but went to Davis instead and absolutely looooved it! I applied to Stanislaus and Samuel Merritt as well. How about you?
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    That's funny cuz I almost went to Davis! But I decided to stay closer to home. I only applied to San Marcos and National. Did you get into the other schools?
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    Hey guys. Do you know when's the first day of class?
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    Hi everyone,

    I got accepted to San Marcos campus. @ tvu123, first day of class is Jan 22nd 2013. Congrats to those accepted and good luck to those still waiting. looking forward to meeting you all.

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