CSU Sacramento Spring 2012

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    I was wondering if anyone was applying for Spring 2012? I have transfer orientation in June and I'm talking the Teas in June too. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time =)

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    I plan to, although, certainly worried about the budget. I also have transfer orientation in June. What is your major option since you are not yet in nursing?
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    I was admitted as a pre-nursing major. You? Did you take the teas yet?
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    I just applied for spring 2012. itsmeehlizie are you currently taking classes at sac? If so, how do you like it so far? I will be transferring from the Bay Area if I am accepted.
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    I just applied to sac state's nursing program for spring 2012 as well! I already attend sac state but I hope to be a nursing major soon!
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    Hi Nicole8583, I just saw your post about Sac State. I also applied for Spring 2012 and waiting to hear back. In addition, I will also be transferring there from the Bay area if I am accepted. Let's keep in contact for the future!

    Have you heard back from the nursing department yet? I check the mail every day!
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    I know I check the website and my Sac email everyday for any news at all too. Nothing yet, but we've only got to wait 13 more days max.
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    I also applied and am still waiting to hear anything back....I'm no nervous, anxious, excited....have any of you heard anything yet????
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    Nope! I have not heard a thing! No letters, no emails. Tomorrow should be "THE day". I want to say the letter I read said we should get letters of their decisions "on or before November 28". Did anyone else get that memo? I look forward to the mail man coming every single day. So far, nothing! Good luck, all.
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    It says on the website that they would send out e-mails with their decision and evaluations on or before Monday. And they said to check back for the exact date and time they would send them out... I took that to mean they would let us know before the day-of, but apparently not

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