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CSU Sacramento Spring 2012

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone was applying for Spring 2012? I have transfer orientation in June and I'm talking the Teas in June too. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time =)
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    I plan to, although, certainly worried about the budget. I also have transfer orientation in June. What is your major option since you are not yet in nursing?
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    I was admitted as a pre-nursing major. You? Did you take the teas yet?
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    I just applied for spring 2012. itsmeehlizie are you currently taking classes at sac? If so, how do you like it so far? I will be transferring from the Bay Area if I am accepted.
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    I just applied to sac state's nursing program for spring 2012 as well! I already attend sac state but I hope to be a nursing major soon!
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    Hi Nicole8583, I just saw your post about Sac State. I also applied for Spring 2012 and waiting to hear back. In addition, I will also be transferring there from the Bay area if I am accepted. Let's keep in contact for the future!

    Have you heard back from the nursing department yet? I check the mail every day!
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    I know I check the website and my Sac email everyday for any news at all too. Nothing yet, but we've only got to wait 13 more days max.
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    I also applied and am still waiting to hear anything back....I'm no nervous, anxious, excited....have any of you heard anything yet????
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    Nope! I have not heard a thing! No letters, no emails. Tomorrow should be "THE day". I want to say the letter I read said we should get letters of their decisions "on or before November 28". Did anyone else get that memo? I look forward to the mail man coming every single day. So far, nothing! Good luck, all.
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    It says on the website that they would send out e-mails with their decision and evaluations on or before Monday. And they said to check back for the exact date and time they would send them out... I took that to mean they would let us know before the day-of, but apparently not
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    I got an email this morning saying that we would get an email either tonight after 5pm or no later than tomorrow. SO CHECK YOUR EMAILS! Check spam and inbox. It also said to email ---- if you didn't hear by Tuesday.
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    I got my email a little while ago and I'm in
    Everybody should post when they find out!
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    I never even got an email!!! My best friend just got her letter, but is on the alternate list. I most likely did not get in.