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CSU Channel Islands Spring 2012 - page 3

I just got my acceptance letter to CSU Channel Islands Cottage Hospital BSN program at the Goleta Satellite Campus... Anyone else out there get one as well? I would love to talk to people about it... Read More

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    Hahaha! I love it
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    I heard from the University today, and I'm officially in! I didn't think there would be a problem, but I can now breathe a little easier now that it's official...It took a little longer, because they had to reclassify me as a post-baccalaureate due to my prior BS. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on Friday!
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    So what are everyone's opinions about the orientation today? How is everyone feeling? Concerns?
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    It was a little overwhelming! I'm excited though...how about you?
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    It was definitely overwhelming and I'm a bit concerned about the high cost and the organization. It's a lot to take in, and I need to digest and look over all the materials. Most definitely excited about everything! Anyone else want to chime in?
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    I wish you all the best of luck with the CSUCI program, but I shall not be joining you in this venture. The cost is too prohibitive for me, and I have been accepted into CSU Long Beach BSN program which is about half the cost and it's local for me, as I live here in Long Beach. It was great meeting you all at the orientation and I truly believe you are in good hands with the staff there and wish you all the best! I'm glad that I can make an alternate very happy as we all head into our BSN/RN adventure... Congratulations to all of you!
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    Good luck BeachsideNic!
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    Quote from liv2srf
    Good luck BeachsideNic!
    Thanx Lv2srf

    I know you are gonna rock it up there!

    I'm so looking forward to starting!!!
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    Satellite nurses ! How is the program going ? Is it what you expected ? I hope to hear from you guys !
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    For those that got in the CSUCI BSN nursing program, do you mind sharing with me your stats (gpa, teas, points)? I will be applying soon and am extremely nervous I wont get into any programs.
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    My kid got on alternate list for Spring 2015 but I am very concerned about the cost at $50,363 for complete 2.5 year program, or tuition $20, 145 per year. Regular CSU tuition is only about about 6K / year and I do get 6 free unit weaver since I work for CSU. We might drop Goleta and apply for CSUCI main campus BSN Fall 2015 among other schools.
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    A few people have already asked - but I am very interested in applying for the Goleta Cottage Hospital Satellite program as it is the closest BSN program to where I live. I would greatly appreciate any information or hints on what your GPA/TEAS scores were? It's very hard to find accurate information online.
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    may I ask how many points did you guys have before you apply?