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by Melanie_661

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I am applying for entrance to CSUB this fall. Anyone else out there?... Read More

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    Thank you Samantha!
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    Is anyone going to the meet & greet?
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    Hey guys,

    So orientation is next week and I am looking forward to meeting some of you. I am a little stressed about my living situation. I've been googling apartments by the school, and it seems as if there are none that are walking distance. I really wonder where exactly the majority of students live! If anyone has any recommendations on where you're staying, please let me know!
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    There are apartments in walking distance. I know of one complex in particular. Not sure if posting the name would be a violation. There are many around that area. I would suggest driving around, maybe after the meet and greet. A lot of them don't advertise online. Did you get the email from nursing about the room for rent?
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    I did get that email! I'm not from around the area and google did not help much. I will definitely take a look at places next week! Thanks!
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    Hey guys!

    CSUB Fall 2014 applicant here! I don't know if any of you that are in the program frequent this thread anymore but I have a question...

    Once admitted into the CSUB program, is it necessary that you have a car? I had a car up about until 2 weeks ago until some moron decided to total my car... I sued him and will let the courts play it out but don't know how long it's going to take... I'm kind of nervous that I won't get my settlement before the deadline so I'm wondering if it's necessary to have a car. If it is, do you have to submit any type of paper work as sort of proof that you do by a certain deadline?
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    They do not require proof that you have a vehicle. I don't even remember them asking. Sorry to hear about your car. Good luck with your application to the program!