COS Visalia students spring 2013

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    Any students apply to COS Visalia for Spring 2013?

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    I had planned to but then got accepted to Fresno State's program for the Fall semester. Did you get accepted at COS?
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    Moved to California State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
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    Oh nice! Congrats! I just applied this week for the spring semester so we'll see how it goes! Suppose to know in a few months! What was your science gpa when you got accepted?
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    I had a 4.0 in prereqs, 3.66 overall gpa, & a 76% on the TEAS. I had physio, micro, & nutrition last semester @ COS, so I had no time to study for that test. How'd you do on the TEAS?
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    Great job!! For my pre reqs I ended up with a 3.7. For the teas I did pretty bad lol I think a 70% but those questions were pretty random and for COS they only requires a 62% so I figured that was good enough! But I don't know how many students COS accepts each semester for the RN program or what they look for when accepting students. Have you heard anything or know anyone that is in the program?
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    I think they accept about 60 people. They go by prereq grades & TEAS score. I heard that they will be changing it up to a point based system soon, though.
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    Ok, hope I have a chance then... :/ Now I'm worried due to my teas score! I've been waiting in Fresno City's lottery for a year and a half now and no luck :/ Ya i also heard they are changing it to where people have to take 18+ units at COS to be considered, plus health care experience and all that.
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    While I wait, I'm in the psychiatric technician program at West Hills. So i'm definitely getting the feel of what a nursing program is like. I have no life! Just work and school 6 days out of the week and Sunday's are the only days I have off and I'm studying for my 2 tests the next week! But all the effort is worth it in the end!
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    You should apply to WHC for their nursing program, too. I was planning to apply to Fresno State, COS, & WHC Lemoore but I didn't have to. I'm glad because Fresno's program starts in the fall and the others start in the spring.

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