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on, Corona Regional Medical Center wanna hire RN New Grad to be Clinical Partner (= CNA). I guess the economy is not getting better anytime soon!... Read More

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    does anyone have experience working as a care partner and then transitioning on to an RN position? feedback is greatly appreciated. thank you.

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    My friend worked as a cna he did it for 3mos. If they like you and you work out they promote you to rn.
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    This New Grad Care Partner program is open again, and starting in September. I already completed the assessment test and preliminary interview, which went really well! The next step would be a panel interview, with 5-6 directors of nursing. I am very hopeful that I could start my career at Corona Regional. I graduated from a school in northern CA and recently moved to Corona to be closer to family, and this is just perfect for me! I am still in shock that this could really happen. They are hiring 6 new grads now, and last year they hired 30. They say that no one is guaranteed to move up to an RN spot, but all 30 new grads were found RN positions last year. You do have to be a CNA for 3-4 months, but that is SO worth it to me if it means I will most likely be an RN there by the end of the year. I have applied to lots of other RN jobs around here and this is the first one that I've actually heard anything from. Has anyone else interviewed for these positions?
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    It's a interesting concept. Find out who is trainable as a RN without actually spending the money to train them first. Corona's a nice area. I've been hoping to eventually move out to Norco.

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