Concordia University Irvine ABSN Summer 2013 - page 10

Hello, is anyone planning on applying for Concordia's ABSN summer '13 program? Applications are due in just a few weeks! I am working on getting everything in my application ready to go and turned in as soon as possible.... Read More

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    Anyone receive an acceptance or rejection from the march 9th group ?

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    hi guys! I found out on Tuesday that I got into the program and I have been dying to meet me and find out who else got in! My name is Crista and I was in group A on Saturday March 2nd interview group. Just got my packet in the mail today, I have a few questions after receiving it, also I am not currently on facebook but I might need to get on now that I have read that we have a facebook page for cohort 2013. congrats to everyone else! I am so excited to meet everyone! can it be august already?!!
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    I got my letter in the mail on Friday. I am waitlisted as well! Did anyone get an acceptance and turn it down? That's my only hope for getting in!
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    I've been put on the waitlist. I received my letter yesterday 3/16. Does anyone know how many people have been put on the waitlist? 15? Id also like to know if anyone got an acceptance letter and turn it down???
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    Congratulations to all of those that were accepted into the Summer 2013 program, and good luck to those on the waiting list!! I also received an acceptance letter and would like to join the Facebook page (I was on the March 2nd interview, Table A)! I'm assuming since it's private that I can't find the page, so if anyone would be willing to message me the link I would greatly appreciate it! I look forward to meeting everyone at Orientation on May 9th; I'm excited to meet my new "family," since I will spend more time with you guys than my husband over the next year . Not only will we be classmates, but future coworkers, and I could not be more thrilled!!
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    Hey Crista, I was at your table during the interview process! So glad to see another future classmate from our table made it!! See you at orientation!
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    Jennconzone- congrats! I sent you a message with a link to the FB group
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    Hi All - another fellow Summer 2013 student here. I am so excited to meet each of you and am praying for our cohort for preparation for this new chapter in all of our lives and the adventures I'm sure we'll all be excited and nervous to confront over the next year.

    For those on the waiting list - I am not entirely sure how this works for the waitlisted group, but I do know that those that received acceptance packages have until this Friday (3/22) to secure their seat by paying a deposit. So perhaps seats will open up after this week, in addition to any that have opened up from any students who wish to decline a seat if they have been accepted elsewhere.

    I would love it if someone could message me with the facebook page so that I can join - have not had any luck finding it on my own either on my mobile version of FB or the standard PC version.

    God Bless!
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    Kissyrom8- just messages you the link
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    Jenn! I am so excited for the both of us! Do you know if anyone else that we interviewed with has been accepted? After hearing your responses I knew you were going to get in! I need to get back on facebook so I can network with everyone who got accepted. Do you know exactly when classes start in the fall? There wasnt any mention of it in the packet and I need to start figuring out when I have to move from Santa monica to irvine!

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