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Hello, is anyone planning on applying for Concordia's ABSN summer '13 program? Applications are due in just a few weeks! I am working on getting everything in my application ready to go and turned... Read More

  1. by   atango
    Hi All,

    I am applying to CUI but I am curious to know how you guys wrote the essay. Did you guys address the essay questions individually or was in addressed throughout the essay?

  2. by   cubanrob
    You are required to take the TEAS V during the first few weeks of the core nursing courses after you complete the online theology courses. So, for the summer cohort which starts in August you would take it sometime during your first couple weeks of class. They also require you to take a critical thinking exam. Both tests are only for the staff to help further evaluate students. The TEAS and the critical thinking test DO NOT have grades or any real importance. Just get through them and get ready for the actual nursing classes. Congrats again to those accepted. Get ready for the "fun" to start quickly after the theology courses end.
  3. by   klp123
    Have you already started the theology courses? If anyone still needs the books I am willing to sell mine for a good price
  4. by   SG12
    Quote from klp123
    Have you already started the theology courses? If anyone still needs the books I am willing to sell mine for a good price
    Bummer klp123! We are in our 6th week of the theology classes and I think everyone has their books. Maybe someone from the fall 2013 class might want to buy them??
  5. by   orangee
    Hi all,

    I was wondering what to expect for the interview process/interview day. Did you guys dress up formally for the interview? And what is it like being a ABSN student. I know it is very rigorous. Thanks!
  6. by   jyang072
    Hey, I had a quick question. After finding out about acceptance, how soon do you get all the financial aid stuff figured out? I'm waiting to hear back from them right now and trying to figure out everything if I did get in.
  7. by   Nurse2B_88
    hey jyang072. For me, I went through private loans. Tuition for the first semester is due within the first week of when classes begin. I was the August 13' cohort, so I paid roughly $12500 for first semester of theory by August. I did not get loans for the theology courses. I don't remember the timeline, but all I remember is that I had plenty of time to figure out my financial aid stuff. Hope that answers your question.
  8. by   jyang072
    Thanks Katie Kat! Hope you're doing well in the program!
  9. by   clally5
    I don't know if any of you will read this but I was wondering for those that have attended Concordia's ABSN program if you were able to find a job soon after graduating? I am hearing bad things regarding the job prospect and I would greatly appreciate any feedback because I have so far been accepted to MSMC and have an interview with Concordia next week! Thank you!