Concordia University Irvine ABSN Summer 2012

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    Hello everyone
    Now that the due date is less than a week, I wanted to start a fresh thread for those who are applying for summer 2012.
    Let me introduce myself first..
    As you can tell from my user name I am a husband and a daddy (two year old daughter and soon to be born baby boy). I did my undergrad at USC (biology) but worked in the restaurant business for 5 years. I always wanted to work in health related field so that's why I am applying to Concordia!
    For application, I am done except for the statement of intent, hopefully I will be done by this weekend!
    I would like to wish nothing but the best for everyone!!
    Let's get this thread rolling~
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    I'm applying for Summer 2012 as well and I turned in my application in last week. Good luck to you from a husband and a father of a two year old as well. Invitations for interviews are a little over a month away and already I'm getting anxious.
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    So glad to see this thread! Thanks for getting the ball rolling!I turned in my app last week as well. Feels good to have it in, but kinda scary knowing it is now out of your hands.I am a Trojan too! Class of 2000, Public Administration. I have a passion for women's health and am currently working as a childbirth/prenatal educator and am a labor and delivery doula too. I cannot wait to be a nurse and work in L&D or postpartum. I hope to someday get my master's and become a CNM. Looking forward to getting to know you guys! How did that statement of intent wrap up for ya?
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    Nice to meet you guys!
    It's good to see a fellow father and a trojan.
    I dropped my adm package today. I feel anxious too!
    We have about 6 weeks till interview invitation.... can't wait!
    Good luck!
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    The waiting begins...Could be a long 6 week wait. When is baby #2 due? Very exciting time in your life! Wishing you good luck too!! Thanks again for starting the thread. Hopefully we get more folks on here soon so we can all wait it out together.
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    Yeah.. the long wait begins..
    my baby #2 is due early April... close to final decision from CUI.
    it's gonna be the longest period of time for me. LOL
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    hi everyone! I'm applying for Fall 2012, since I just missed summer admissions. Good luck all and yes, the waiting is the hard part!
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    couple of questions for you you know anyone who finished this program or is currently in this program? what have they had to say about the faculty and the program. I'm curious as I haven't heard much about this school. Thanks again!
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    I do not know anyone that has finished the program or that is currently in, but from other threads, students seem to be pleased. Concordia is my first choice and I hope to hear good news in the next few weeks. Has anyone seen the admission stats for the fall 2011 class? I'm just wondering how I stack up to previous classes.
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    hi all =) I've also applied to the Concordia ABSN program for the summer and am anxiously awaiting any contact from them. Has anyone heard anything yet? Thanks!

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