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Hello everyone Now that the due date is less than a week, I wanted to start a fresh thread for those who are applying for summer 2012. Let me introduce myself first.. As you can tell from my user... Read More

  1. by   Jreilly906
    I just got my invite to the interview. All of this is also going through my head, as I have a 16 month old and a 5 year old. I also have a very supportive husband and family who will be helping me out. I just think of it has it is only one year of our lifetime and I am willing to make these hard sacrifices to have a career that I really long for. I will be taking out loans to help pay for school and possibly child care. In the end it will all be worth it! @BeesMama did you get an invite??? I have been reading your post fro the last couple of months now. I hope you did
  2. by   Butterflymichel
    Thank you to all the summer applicants, all your feedback was very helpful and appreciated.@jreilly906 I too got an email invite for July 19. I am hopeful but very nervous.
  3. by   janellek
    Hey everybody I applied for the ABSN program that starts in Jan 2013...and was wondering if anybody has gone through the program or is currently enrolled and what the impressions are? I have heard some negative things about the school and am hoping there not true. Any info anybody has would be awesome! Thanks!!
  4. by   GirlwithaBSNRN
    I thought they only had summer and fall term start dates?
  5. by   Ztukhi
    Hi guys! I'm starting the online theology portion soon. I was wondering if anyone was going to sell their books. Thanks.
  6. by   matthew2005
    Any men apply to the program and got accepted?

  7. by   cubanrob
    Yup, 7 of us got in to summer 2012 cohort.
  8. by   GirlwithaBSNRN
    Cubanrob, how are the core classes going so far? Your cohort just finished the theology classes and started about a month or two ago, correct? I'm anxious to find out how the program is from an "insiders" perspective. I'm applying for summer 2013, but I'll have Stats pending by application deadline.
  9. by   cubanrob
    Prepare. Prepare to be challenged, tested and have your world become nursing school. Since the start of the program my foot has not come off of the gas pedal. That is what it takes to stay ahead and not fall behind. Those who seek this program mainly want to get done ASAP and do it at a great university. Concordia will get you to your goals and they want you to succeed. Not just because they want thier NCLEX pass rates to be high, which they are, but they really take the time to sit and counsel each person. So, the classes are tough, but we know that because it's a accelerated program. The great thing is the people who are in the program with you. I can honestly say that when I came to the program i thought I would get in ,get straight A's, and get out. I told myself it's all business and get through it. I did really well in pre reqs and had a good amount of healthcare experience. A few months in and I have decent to good grades, but the people have become my school family. They are the icing on the cake and make the stress of school tolerable. Now that we are in and going through this we love to encourage, help, and see eachother succeed. Besides my wife and son, my school family has become my biggest cheerleaders. Enjoy yours, you will need them so so so much. I can't say enough good things about them and how amazing they are.

    Ok, so, first semester is hard and it will push you to your limit. The classes are hard because you will go from having answers which are obvious and easily recognized during pre reqs to nursing school questions that will test your critical thinking skills and you may have 3 right answers and your job is to pick the MORE right answer. Your head will spin because you will try to justify all 3 or 4 answers as to why they are the more right answer and before you know it your time to take the test has flown by.

    Enough rambling and run on sentences. The program is tough, the people are great, get ready for your world to literally become all about nursing school.

    ** PM me if you want more specifics or an answer to a certain question.
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  10. by   doulajess
    I can second everything cubanrob said. This program is amazing, I love the professors and they expect a ton from us, but they have every right to, this is what we signed up for! I have had lots of hard days, but the support I have had from faculty and my cohort has gotten me through. The people have met in this program are some of the most incredible people! I feel humbled and grateful to be in this program with them. We really are family. Leave your competitive spirit at the door and embrace the gift of your peers. You will need each other. Recognize that surviving is thriving and before you know it you will be nearly done with sophomore semester and amazed and how far you have come, how much you have learned and how much you have found out about YOU.
  11. by   GirlwithaBSNRN
    Ok, so it's January 24, and applications for Summer 2013 are due in a little over a week! Can anyone offer me any tips? I keep getting stuck on the statement of intent. I remember several people saying it bears a lot of weight as to whether one gets invited for an interview. I have all A's in prereqs except m=Micro (B) and English 101 (B-) with stats pending. I have some volunteer experience and my undergrad GPA was about 3.25. Is that competitive enough to get into the program? I hope so! Getting so nervous over here!
  12. by   3shaaa
    Hi! I'm applying to the Fall 2013 program and looking for some advice from past applicants as well! Seeing that you're applying for the Summer 2013 cohort, please let me know about any updates!
  13. by   LeftAtrium82
    Hi hmb29.. I'm kinda new on this site so I thought I had to add you as a friend to send you a message. I read that you had an interview with UofA last year. I just had mine via skype with UofA too but I was waitlisted for this coming summer.

    Were you offered admission from UofA last year??