Concorde, Garden Grove?

  1. Hi all, I'm starting the LVN program at Concorde in Garden Grove on December 2nd. I hope I made the right choice. I really couldn't decide what school to go to but I chose Concorde. Anyone have any experiences with this campus in particular. I did a search but find lots of posts about the campuses in other states but only 1 or 2 about the Garden Grove campus. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks
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    Edit to above post: I actually start December 1st. Doing the part time program since I work full time. I'm excited to start Anyone starting there anytime soon?
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    Did you have to argue your way to get in their program? I went in to the G.G campus just yesterday to see about their program. I have to say I didnt like my visit, I went to speak with a lady named -------, she showed me around and insisted that I should not go right in to LVN but to start in their M.A course first since I dont have any healthcare experience (Ive gone to Cerritos Community College for Medical Terminology, AND Ive gone to school for Medical Coding, an actual CPC course, not BASIC stuff that M.A's do, but I didnt tell her any of this. I just wanted to see how far she would go to talk me into doing the M.A thing). The whole time she was showing me around and telling me about the campus, it just seemed so scripted, also I didnt like the fact that I was RUSHED through the whole thing. This lady went 5 miles a minute! She did NOT discuss the L.V.N program with me at all. She asked me what I thought of going through the Medical Assisting program first, and I told her that I didn't really dig that idea. So she gave me the SLE test and said that she would see from those results where I should be leveled at. Come to find out that I scored at a "high M.A/Low L.V.N"... whatever that meant. So she scheduled me to go in today to do another test, Which Im assuming was the TABE, she didnt bother explaining any of that. Anyways, before I knew it yesterday, I was booted out the door. Maybe I didnt look like the nursing type to her?? I dont think I'll be attending that school anymore. It seemed to me that if I didnt want to do what she insisted on me doing, then I wasnt worth her time. Boo hoo, and their pass rates is what attracted me to them in the first place.

    I know this wasnt what you were looking for, but I would just like to know if you went through this same thing.
    In any case, congrats on getting in!
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    Wow! That is crazy to hear because my experience was nothing like that. My admin rep was great. He didn't try to talk me out of the LVN program at all. He told me about the program and then he told me that for the LVN program I would need to pass 2 tests, the wonderlic and the NET. I passed the wonderlic and then I passed the NET, then made a financial aid appt and that was it. The whole process took about a week and a half. Not at any time did I feel like they wanted me to do another program first. I can't believe that you went thru that. Maybe it was just the rep you had because mine was really nice. If you want I can give you his number. But if not I hope you find a program that is right for you. What other schools were you lookin into? Yeah the nclex scores at Concorde is what attracted me to it too. Well good luck with whatever school you decide
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    I'm a VN full time student at Concorde Garden Grove. I'm actually a Term 1 student (started at the end of September) I'm not really quite sure about part-time students, BUT from my experience, it has been amazing! It's challenging, but I'm loving every minute of it. Everyone is actually very helpful from the instructors to fellow VN students (including students from different terms). The theory and clinical instructors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful...not to mention they are very approchable...and funny!!

    The NCLEX passing rate was also one of the reasons why I attended this school. At first I thought they just said that as a "selling strategy," but as soon as I started school I can see why they have such a high pass rate. They have soo many instructors that you can go to for help, they offer reviews just before major tests, and they also have these practice NCLEX like twice every term and they give you feedbacks. They have grade print-outs after every tests to see where you are standing and and it gives you an idea of how well or how bad you are doing.

    From my experiences so far, I feel like I've made the right choice and I hope that you'll feel the same way once you start.

    Good Luck and Have fun!!!!!!
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    Hi! Thanks for all the info! Glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself so far. It's good to hear some positive feedback about the school since I'm starting in a week. I'm looking forward to it and I hope I will also feel that I've made the right choice in going there
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    i maybe on a late reply to this but i graduated from concorde in august and recently took my nclex for the vn'll like the school, its very home like. the teachers are great dont let them intimidate you, their really their to help. i doubted that in the beginning, but their only hard on you so that you can pick up the skills...i actually miss going to school. so far passing rate is really high. so you made a good decision...only thing i didnt like was the financial part and how much the actual class cost. other then that make sure you pay attention and dont slack off cuz it will catch up to you in the end/.... good luck
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    Is it hard to pass the exams? Any tips