College of the Canyons Fall 2013 (COC)

  1. Just wondering who else out there is waiting to hear about their status about Fall 2013 at COC?

    I'm excited, but trying to find other things to become interested in because I'm not sure if I will be accepted. When I went to college twenty years ago, I never wanted to be a nurse, and my GPA reflects that!

    But here I am. Good luck to everyone else!
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  3. by   TABAJ5
    I am waiting too I wonder when we will need to be ready to take our TEAS exam. It will be my first time. Did you apply anywhere else?
  4. by   jumnie
    I am also waiting to see if I am going to get an invitation to take the TEAS; my first time as well.

    Anyone hear anything yet? I wonder if getting an invitation to taken the TEAS means anything....
  5. by   TABAJ5
    I thinkthe TEAS invite goes out to all qualified applicants. From what I understand we will get a invite,take the exam, and then be selected from there. Has anyone taken the TEAS V I'msuper scared!!
  6. by   Heylove
    I have not taken it before. I heard from another student that last semester they got the invitation to take the TEAS with one week notice. So I guess we won't be hearing from them until the last week of March/1st of April.
  7. by   jumnie
    I got an invitation for the TEAS test at COC today! Its scheduled for April 3rd.

    Hope you guys also got one... Good Luck!

    How are you guys going to study?
  8. by   Heylove
    I got mine, too. For April 2nd. Why during spring break? Ugh!
  9. by   TABAJ5
    I got mine also I take my Teas 4/8.
  10. by   Heylove
    Well? How did you do? I got 82.7% I'm pretty happy for not studying! Do you know if COC looks at the breakdown, or just the overall score?
  11. by   kltabajdi
    I got a 70% really bummed, I studied. I hope I will get lucky and get a spot. My GPA is 3.5 and I have worked in the field for 5 years. I hope my grades and experince help. Whats your GPA?
  12. by   TABAJ5
    I called this morning and they said we should know by later in the week ;( I think they just take the overall score. I don't think it really matters unless you have a near perfect score (to get in on merit).
  13. by   TABAJ5
    IM IN! IM IN! IM IN!!!!!!! Check your E-mail!!!
  14. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    Quote from TABAJ5
    IM IN! IM IN! IM IN!!!!!!! Check your E-mail!!!
    Congratulations! I'm so happy you got your first choice!