CHLA RN Residency Program September 2012

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    Hello nurses!! is anyone else applying for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles RN Residency Program that starts September 4th, 2012???

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    i just applied! I feel like so many people apply though, so if I get the job it will be like wining the lottery.
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    i know! i havent read any posts on here about people who applied yet. maybe they are secretive lol but i havent got the packet in the email yet and i applied yesterday. im nervous! lol are you from LA?? im all the way in houston and im not sure how many externals get in :/
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    im from la, i think what really matters is how early you apply rather than where you are from.
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    I applied, but I don't think I will hear anything back. Negative Nancy over here.
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    i have done clinical rotations at CHLA and i have met people from michigan, new york, and all over. don't worry! you have just as much of a chance as the LAers.
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    i hope so! fingers crossed!! so are you applying also @starghadeer??
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    has anyonce recieved the packet yet??
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    I applied yesterday and haven't received the packet yet. Did all you you have your senior preceptorship in pediatrics? I had mine in adult med-surg/tele because so many of my classmates wanted pediatrics, but I absolutely love caring for children! I know this doesn't help my application, but I hope this doesn't mean that they'll reject me instantly.
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    I didn't even have the opportunity to do a senior preceptorship in pediatrics Our closest 'pediatrics' hospital was relocating the unit and wasn't taking any students. So I did mine in an ICU/Neuro-Trauma ICU. I figure the intensity and critical thinking of ICU can be applied to pediatrics? I do have a lot of experience working with children though.

    I wish I knew how CHLA's selection process goes... or any large hospital actually. I have a feeling the packets might take a little bit to go out. Think of how many people applied!

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