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Hello nurses!! :) is anyone else applying for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles RN Residency Program that starts September 4th, 2012??? :)... Read More

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    Quote from queenbeee
    Sorry to hear that! I am still waiting for the call... What floor did you interview for?
    5W medical
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    didnt get it either!
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    still waiting ...
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    got a call yesterday that i was accepted for cv acute! guess someone else turned it down
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    Quote from BritRN24
    got a call yesterday that i was accepted for cv acute! guess someone else turned it down
    That's wonderful! Congrats!
    Did they tell you before that you were on some sort of wait list?
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    [FONT=comic sans ms]Congratulations BritRN24!!!
    [FONT=comic sans ms]
    I am soooo happy for you!
    [FONT=comic sans ms]I too will be working on CV Acute. [FONT=comic sans ms] We will be co-workers! I look forward to meeting you soon. Do you live close to CHLA or are you going to commute?

    Congrats again!
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    congrats ... did they mention a drug calculation test ?
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    thank you acvnurse! congrats to you too! I am so excited! I am going to be moving closer! what about you? do you have Facebook? maybe we can connect through there before we start work! @tee0220, no they have not mentioned a drug test all they were doing as of now is background check, anything else for you guys?
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    Congrats! I got a call to schedule a physical and drug calculation test a few days ago. Anyone here get accepted into BMT/Oncology?
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    same here .. congrats !! =)
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    Congratulations everyone... I really hope to be in your shoes one day. I was hoping if anyone out there could help me? I am juggling between two nursing programs. I have been accepted into a BSN at a school that offers NO preceptorship. Do you think this would hurt me and my chances for CHLA residency? I have also been accepted into an ADN program at a revered school that offers a preceptorship, however I believe CHLA doesn't take ADNs? Any insight would be so appreciated!
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    @alibean, I say go for the BSN. You can apply to a preceptorship/ externship that is outside of your school. For example I applied to the UCSD preceptorship on my own and got it, then it just had to be approved by SDSU. Check with your school to make sure this is possible and make sure to ask them if previous students did this. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you SO much @JanetForever.This helps me a ton. I am going to do exactly what you suggest! Many thanks and best wishes!