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Hello nurses!! :) is anyone else applying for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles RN Residency Program that starts September 4th, 2012??? :)... Read More

  1. by   sallyp911
    Quote from lemonchiffon
    I believe they plan to hire about 60 total. No idea how many they're interviewing.
    Wow, 60 spots, that's great! That's a hugh number considering what the other hospitals are offering given their patient bed sizes. Fingers crossed.
  2. by   tee0220
    round 3 anyone?
  3. by   starghadeer
    Quote from tee0220
    round 3 anyone?
    did they already get back to you for interview #3? congrats!!
  4. by   peonie
    There's a 3rd interview? REALLY? With dept managers again?
  5. by   queenbeee
    When I asked at the end of the preliminary interview they said that if we get selected then there would be one more interview with the dept manager and from there they would make their final decisions by the end of may. So from what I understood the second interview would be the final one. Anyone hear different?
  6. by   starghadeer
    From what I understand, CTICU is the only dept that requires three interviews: 1) HR, 2) unit managers, 3) UMs plus some staff.
  7. by   tee0220
    yes ... i believe that your right...
  8. by   peonie
    Thank you for clarifying! Thought I missed something.
  9. by   acvnurse
    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone has interviewed on CV Acute yet? How did it go? Did they take you on a tour of their unit? Also, does anyone know for CV Acute how many they are interviewing and how many they are planning to hire? Just curious. Thanks for any input and good luck to all of us! :-)
  10. by   starghadeer
    did anyone who went through 2nd round of interviews get an offer yet?
  11. by   BritRN24
    nope, waiting is hard! they told me end of may or early june, is that what they told you?
  12. by   JanetForever
    Waiting for Heme-Onc/ BMT to call back. I forgot to ask for the call back date. Does anyone know?
  13. by   queenbeee
    I just interviewed with 6 west ( transplants/surgical unit) they said 2-3 weeks so yeah end of may early June.. Anyone know how many are being hired per unit and how many they are interviewing?