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Hi all, Just wanted to start up another forum for CHLA's Versant New Grad RN Program for the March 2013 cohort. Here's a link to CHLA's page: The online app should only be open for a few more days apply now and GOOD LUCK!... Read More

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    I completely agree!! Who knows what HR is actually looking for! Some hospitals won't consider you if it's been longer than 12 months since you've graduated, and others don't care as long as you don't have more than a year of RN experience. So just go for it, if it's something you want to do!

    Also, does anyone know how many they are taking/ how many applied?

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    I dropped off my packet this morning so the wait begins...
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    Quote from coolpeachmoy
    Hey fellow applicants!

    I been out of nursing school since December 2011 and passed the boards in Feb. Since it's been a long time and this residency RN program which I would love to get into, only starts in March 2013...what are the chances for a "old" new RN grad?
    On their website it says that the criteria is 2 years or less since graduation, BSN or ADN with a Bachelors degree in another field, and no more than 12 months experience as a RN. So you're fine! Good luck to everyone!
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    Just dropped off my packet this morning! I am nervous but hopeful.
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    Quote from babyrn88
    Just dropped off my packet this morning! I am nervous but hopeful.

    I am still waiting on one letter of rec, so I cant turn mine in until Monday.

    I read in a previous cohort thread (Mar. 2012), that HR said they would start reviewing packets after Oct 14, which was the packet deadline for them. I assumed that the reason for the set due date was to allow time for people to secure letters of rec. etc…

    Do you all think it will be the same way for us?
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    I have no idea. I read in a previous cohort thread that they review them as soon as they receive them, but who knows if that person actually knew what they were talking about because two conflicting things have been posted. I think it makes more sense for them to review them after the deadline because of the issue of waiting for letters of rec. Good luck turning yours in! Just so you know the HR office is across the street from the main hospital near the construction -- I was wandering for a while trying to find it.

    What is everyone choosing as their first choice? I am hoping for heme/onc.
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    Thanks for the info!! Guess we will all have to see how it unravels!

    I chose CV-Acute as my first choice.
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    @Bailey.C= CV-Acute was my first choice also. Crossing fingers for us!
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    @babyrn88= crossing fingers for your hem/onc selection!
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    Good luck Bailey C and Peds143. Aaah waiting is the worst!

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