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Hi all, Just wanted to start up another forum for CHLA's Versant New Grad RN Program for the March 2013 cohort. Here's a link to CHLA's page: The online app should only be open for a few more... Read More

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    Ok so I am also trying to piece together some things about the "numbers"... after my interview I spoke with the recruiter and she told me how many they took for prelims vs the # applied for CV Acute, and now I can't remember what she said! My head got cloudy the second I left the interview room!

    But I THINK I remember her saying 60?? Did anyone else from CV Acute have the same chat with the recruiter about the numbers?

    Before the interview another nurse recruiter said that the total applied was around 700+ applicants. So we know there were 100+ apps for PICU and they took 20, and possibly 60:20 for CV Acute if my memory is correct on that...

    Just looking at the ratios of this thread, out of the people who mentioned units I counted the most Hem/Oncs (6 or so), 5 NICU, 2 CV Acutes, a couple EDs and then I have seen 1 PICU, 1 CTICU, 1 float, and 1 6E and 6W. I think I probably missed some in this count, but if we are a semi-accurate sample, then I am going to guess that Hem/Onc has at least 100...and NICU close to that too...I could be way off....just trying to guesstimate...

    If anyone has any updates on the actual numbers for their units, lets put them all together...

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    Thanks for the encouragement! So they will let us know about second interviews no later than the 19 of November is that correct? Also, for those of you that interviewed, did you happen to get the interviewers info or send out thank you letters/emails? That is so crazy how many people applied. How does everyone else feel their interviews went? good I hope
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    Yeah I was told that by Nov 19th they would let us know one way or the other. To long of a wait haha.

    I have a question I am a little confused this first interview with HR managers? because she said you would be interviewing with the managers but then she said the second interview would be with the unit managers...I'm really confused on who's going to be interviewing me this first time...haha
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    For those who interviewed already did they ask behavioral and clinical scenario questions? Or was it more of a generalized getting to know you interview? This will be my first interview so I am incredibly nervous.. excited.. but definitely nervous! Lol
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    @Bailey.C: were you able to ask how many of the possible 20 they plan to hire? Btw, Good luck to the both of us!!
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    @TC_RN: I think each department has their own set of questions. Relax & be yourself.
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    Congrats to all who have had an interview date!! I don't know if I should keep waiting or resign hopes for NICU and CTICU... since they were clear about the whole: "if you do not get a call by OCt 31st, you were not selected" anyway good luck to all of you! congrats
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    Congrats for those who are in first base. I took the "October 31st" notice seriously. I hope the best for you and PLEASE, let us know when you have been hired......we have to celebrate that CYBERNETICALLY!!!!!!!!!! Best Wishes to all and CHRISTMAS is in the corner..... CHLA would be a GREAT gift!
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    In my interview, the questions were more get to know you and why you want to work at CHLA rather than situational questions. Good luck and keep me posted on how your guys' interviews went!!!
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    Did anybody happen to ask how many they interviewed for round 1 and how many they are interviewing for round 2/hiring?

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