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Hi all, Just wanted to start up another forum for CHLA's Versant New Grad RN Program for the March 2013 cohort. Here's a link to CHLA's page: The online app should only be open for a few more days apply now and GOOD LUCK!... Read More

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    is the hem/onc unit the same as BMT? or did they make separate calls?
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    Congrats to everyone who has been called/interviewed! Just out of curiosity, how long have the interviews been lasting? Hearing that it's been panel interviews seems like it would be longer, but when I spoke to HR I thought she said it would be 10 minutes.
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    It's literally 10 minutes. There will be someone from HR outside timing and giving a 1 minute warning.
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    Thanks so much for sharing! I'm super nervous!
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    How did everyone's interviews go? That was my first interview I've ever had and I feel like I blew it. I was nervous and didn't say what I wanted to say. It was like a blackout word vomit, I'm so bummed, LOL. I even forgot to ask when the next rounds would be taken place-- not that I needed to at that point! Good Luck to the rest of you! Know why you want to work at CHLA and what makes you stand out. For the unit I applied to they said that there were over 100 applicants and 20 were going through prescreening interviews. So know that even getting to the first interview is a huge accomplishment! Wish you all well!
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    @lovinglife45: wish you the best of luck as well! Indeed going through the first interview is a huge accomplishment!
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    did anybody happen to ask how many are being interviewed/selected for hem/onc while on the phone? I know none of us have interviewed yet? Also what did they HR people tell you would be asked....they told me that they would ask a few questions including why I want to work in the unit I chose.
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    Congrats on your interview! What departments did you apply for?
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    Quote from spalo001
    Congrats on your interview! What departments did you apply for?
    I picked 1) hem/onc (4E) and 2) BMT
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    Don't be too anxious about feeling like you bombed an interview! After several interviews, I realized it's not always exclusively about what answers you give. It's more about connecting with the interviewers and making your personality shine!