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Hi all, Just wanted to start up another forum for CHLA's Versant New Grad RN Program for the March 2013 cohort. Here's a link to CHLA's page: The online app should only be open for a few more... Read More

  1. by   spanglec
    Quote from chantz
    i have no idea, but yes that would be nice.... i'm afraid they will ask scenario questions. they probably will, huh?
    i would love for there to only be one interview haha dont have to get all nervous twice! im sure there will be but they are usually explain a difficult patient and all those kind of questions that im sure you have some kind of story for! youll do great dont worry
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  2. by   heartbOO
    Hello Everyone!
    I finally caved and decided to join in on posting instead of just reading all of yours..I applied for the CTICU and had my preliminary interview last week. The very nice HR person that checks us in told me that there are 20 people that made it to preliminaries for CTICU. Not sure how many made it for all the other units. So I can only assume that half would get cut before the 2nd interview. I felt really good after initially walking out of my interview but who knows...on retrospect I am not quite sure anymore. The interviewers were very nice and upbeat - not scary, still nerve wracking.

    I am currently waiting for the 19th to hear about the 2nd interview (if I get to that point). I am now just studying everything cardiac and thoracic related..anyone that has been through the experience know what I can do to prep myself just in case I do get called for round 2?
    Thanks! GL everyone!
  3. by   houseblew
    I got a call for the second interview!!! eeek!! so flipping nervous, but excited. I was told it would be Nov 28th, that its for the PICU, and I would be meeting with the hiring managers. The numbers are down to 15 applicants, with 4-6 spots. So excited that I have enough time to buy a plane ticket this time, instead of driving 12 hours in 2 days. Good luck to everyone else! be sure to post when you get your calls!
  4. by   babyrn88
    Congrats @houseblew! That is awesome!
  5. by   yginay
    I was informed that I got through to 2nd interview too
  6. by   heartbOO
    CONGRATS! it sounds like they're calling back in the same order that they made their initial first interview calls! @yginay and @houseblew you both wanted PICU and interviewed about a week ago right?
  7. by   yginay
    Thanks very much and I am very excited!I was actually Float Pool 1st choice and interviewed 10/30. Hopefully phones will start ringing for everyone soon!
  8. by   1213_RN
    Is BMT interviewing? My first choice was BMT but got a call for Hem/onc which was my second choice. I wasn't sure if they overlap or something because I think I read somewhere that someone is interviewing for both?
  9. by   babyrn88
    Congrats everyone who is being called! I am jealous that your first interview is out of the way -- starting to get pretty anxious for mine! Good luck with your second interview, and to everyone who is still waiting to be called.

    @TC_RN I was curious about that too because I hadn't heard of anyone being interviewed for BMT. My first choice was hem/onc which is the unit I was told I was interviewing for, but I was curious if there was overlap because I haven't heard anything else about BMT. I think most people have BMT and hem/onc as a pair for their choices so I'm curious about how it will be handled.
  10. by   spanglec
    Yeah I am the same way. I was called for hem/onc...well I think anyways...which was my first choice and then BMT was me second choice. So maybe they are kinda looking at us for both? That would be nice haha. BMT is also only like a 14 bed unit I think so they probably are only hiring one or two new grads there if they are hiring 4-6 for the bigger PICU unit. 15 for the second interview is more than I was expecting...but Im sure you guys will do great!!

    I wish my first interview was done too! CONGRATS everyone getting call backs my interview is tomorrow and then a week of torture haha.

    Good Luck to everyone who has an interview the next few days!!
  11. by   1213_RN
    @babyRN88 & @spanglec: Thanks for the responses! Yeah, just curious about BMT and Hem/Onc because they were my top two choices. I am happy to have received a call from at least one of my two choices! Very exciting!!!

    Good luck to everyone especially those who are having their interview tomorrow and Friday! Woohoo!
  12. by   yginay
    I am curious as to how many total they plan on taking for entire program, the number of spots per dept seem lower than the numbers I initially heard which was around 50-60 ...I should have asked last week :/
  13. by   RCS3
    has anyone received a second interview call, email, etc?