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    Thought I would start a thread for Chabot's 2013 program. The application deadline was January 31st. Wondering when the top 120 candidates will be notified to submit or take their TEAS test. The website says May 30th for the final selections, and by April 30th for the first notification, but I am thinking we may hear sooner. I am west of Castro Valley, so hoping for one of those 10 (yikes!) spots at the Livermore campus!

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    Hi, I'm in the same boat as you. I haven't heard anything yet. It seems like people should be hearing soon if they need to turn in TEAS scores or not, as it takes some time for people to get their test scheduled, etc. I think the April 30 notification comes after submitting TEAS scores, so I would think they would be having people do TEAS testing no later than mid to late April so they can get the final 50. I already took my TEAS so I am ready to go. I just hope I can make the first cut! Good luck to you!
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    Thanks for the response. I left Chabot a message, they calle me back and left a message. The person said that the first notifications will be sent out by April 30th to the top 120 candidates telling them to take their TEAS test or send in the scores! Then after that the top 50 candidates will be notified by May 30th. I a, hoping the April 30th date is just to give themselves extra time, and that we will really hear much sooner than that! What was your TEAS score and criterion score if you don't mind sharing? My TEAS score was 86.7% and my criterion score was only 50/70. I have straight As but don't have a degree or veteran or foreign language points
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    Thanks for the update, now I won't be so worried for another month or so at least! I had a 55 on the criterion. Straight A's, but one W grade so that canceled out my extra 2 points for difficult circumstances. I have a BS degree already. No foreign language or veteran status. My TEAS score is 95.3%. What percentile did your TEAS score put you at? I think the test was very difficult and probably not that many people score over 85%. If we make the first cut I think we would both be competitive. I'm applying to Ohlone and Los Medanos, and if I don't get into one of these 3 then applying to CSUEB at the end of the summer.
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    My TEAS put me at the 97thpercentile. I don't think I have a chance with a criterion score of only50 though. I wish it was concentrated more on grades, and less on "other circumstances". Also, why are people being rewarded for already having a degree in another field? I can see if it is the health care field then great. But someone with, say a horticulture degree, should not put them ahead of me. It will not make them a better nurse than me. Sorry, just feeling discouraged, I heard over 600 people applied last year...
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    I have lots of gripes about the process, too. While I do get credit for my BS, I don't get any credit for holding a Registered Veterinary Technician license in the state of California. I realize it's not human medicine, but cats and dogs are very similar to humans with only a few differences. As an RVT I performed all of the job tasks of a pharmacy tech, lab tech, phlebotomist, radiology tech, CNA, RN, surgical tech, anesthesiologist, records/billing and dentistry on cats and dogs. All in a 24 hour care facility with inpatient (ICU), emergency, and outpatient services. Not to mention administration of chemotherapy and typing/collection/storage/administration of blood and plasma transfusions. I would think that being able to start an IV on a kitten would earn me at least a couple of points. So I will take the 5 points for my BS degree where I can get them!

    I do think that it mainly depends on the applicant pool - if they are a bunch of smart, veteran bilinguals we are in trouble but if not we might stand a chance.
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    I know what you mean. I was a certified Phlebotomist and IV technician and didnt get any points for that due to my license expiring a few months ago. I feel like I still should have gotten points for that due to my experience, even though the license expired. Most nurses, especially students, are horrible at IVs, so it is an awesome skill to have. We will just have to wait and see. Hopefully they will send out notification before the 30th. Are you west of Castro Valley, or east? I am west so I would be put into the Livermore pool.
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    I'm east and hoping for Livermore too!
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    Darn it, that means you will be before me for the Livermore pool! Alibear, I am in Dublin, what about you? What is your first choice, Ohlone or Chabot?
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    I'm in Livermore, if I am lucky enough to have the choice I would do Chabot if accepted to the Livermore section, but if not then I will have to rethink. Ohlone is mighty attractive, and the commute is about the same to both schools from Livermore.

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