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by AngelinoRN

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I want to begin a thread here where nurses who have had work experience at this hospital can share their opinions tactfully to give others an idea of what working in the hospital might be like. This is information for students... Read More

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    I am apply for Centinela. does anybody know what type of questions they will ask on the interview? if you do, please let me know. thank you so much
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    I want to add one more thing. i am apply for telemetry unit
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    I am apply for telemetry too. do you remember any questions that they ask you on the interview. thanks
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    Quote from santo61
    I work on telemetry day shift. it is a rat race there are days i had two discharges and two admissions. patient ratio is 4:1 in general new grad and other nurses are very helpful but some CNA's monitor tech and secretaries who work their long time make you feel they own and run the place you better watch out.
    Which Telemetry floor do you work on?...I know its been a year since you posted...I did registry there just this past week. One Telemetry floor was wonderful..the other was plain awful
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    Quote from knufflebunny
    I've been applying to several positions at this hospital and haven't gotten a call back yet. Should I call HR to follow up? Should I walk in personally to turn in a resume and possibly meet the nurse recruiter? Any advice will be much appreciated!
    I know this is older but did you ever get a response? I too have been applying at Centinella with no luck. I did go down to HR, they wouldn't even talk to me, they said all of applying is done online. I just want to find a job!!!