Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2013

  1. Just thought it would be helpful to post a new thread for the upcoming new grad program starting this summer. I've seen the thread for the program last year and wanted to see if anyone was one of the first 250 who applied for it this year. I applied for cohort #1 and got a phone interview last week and the gentleman said that I'd receive an e-mail within 1-2 weeks. I've also heard of people getting rejection emails as well without a phone interview. Anyone have additional info they'd like to share? Good luck to all us new grads out there!
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  3. by   babyrn88
    I had a phone interview yesterday and was told that they will have the in-person interviews on the 11th of April -- haven't heard back if I will be invited to that interview, though.
  4. by   SandyMickey
    @Babyrn88: wow that is soon for an in-person interview. They should be sending out invites soon then to give people enough notice to make it.
  5. by   jaspersun
    For those of you that received calls, what level degrees do you guys have?
  6. by   SandyMickey
    I have a BSN
  7. by   jaspersun
    SandyMickey, Did you apply the first day the position was posted?
  8. by   babyrn88
    I have a BSN as well.
  9. by   SandyMickey
    Quote from jaspersun
    SandyMickey, Did you apply the first day the position was posted?
    I'm not sure? I saw it post on indeed at like 9p on the 21st and that's when I applied, but the website said it posted on the 18th....when did everyone else apply? I checked the Friday morning after I applied and the link was gone.
  10. by   jaspersun
    I also applied the day it posted to indeed. I got a rejection email about 2 days later. I was kinda confused as I am a BSN grad with a competitive GPA. HR told me they were mainly taking MSN's. Oh well, maybe next time!
  11. by   SandyMickey
    jaspersun: oh really? That's odd...a friend of mine that graduated with me also got a phone interview and applied the same time I did. They could still be hiring mainly MSN's since there is still an in-person interview left to go. The app for the next cohort will open later this month. Will you reapply?
  12. by   jaspersun
    I'm also not from the area. You never know what these hospitals are looking for haha...good luck though! I hope they do in fact take BSN grads! Yea I'm going to reapply. Do you know how many people they plan on taking for each cohort?
  13. by   SandyMickey
    Jaspersun: I knew someone from San Jose who got a rejection right away so maybe that's the reason? I have no idea how many they will accept?
  14. by   jaspersun
    Could be, I'm also up north. Yea HR wouldn't tell me when I asked a few weeks ago...