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CCSF 2012/2013 acceptance letters

  1. 0 Hey I won a spot in the City College of S.F. lottery and wanted to know if anyone else has, and if so have you gotten an acceptance letter yet?
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    Hey, I won a spot on the lottery too. I didn't get any letter yet. But I know someone who Got a rejection letter who was at the end of list.
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    Do you know how many people were in the draw?
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    Moved to CA Nursing Programs for more response.
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    Hmmm if they haven given out rejection letters I wander how long it will be before we get our acceptance letters. I know they were on spring break this last week so hopefully we will hear something soon! what number were you on the lottery?
    @Nung there were 781 in the lottery!
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    Actually, I said that i know someone that got her rejection letter before they went on spring break.
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    @olivein Did u take the TEAS test? If so, did u send in your score?
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    @dj_808 I did take the TEAS and no I haven't sent in my results yet I thought that would request that when I receive my letter of conditional acceptance.
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    I'm number 59 on the list and have not received my letter yet. I'm really hoping I start in Fall because I'd rather not wait till Spring =/.
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    I agree Im number 13 on the list I hope to see you this fall!!
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    I am number 96. I don't know what my chances r but I want to start in the fall if possible.
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    Yep I'll be in the fall class but haven't received my letter. Kind of jittery about it. Please post when you do so I'll have a timeframe and I'll do the same.

    My lottery rank was top 30
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    It's my first time applying so I am a little lost. How did you guys find out your lottery/ranking number if you haven't received any letters? Did they notify you by email? I haven't heard anything so I'm nervous.