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California BSN applicants?

  1. 0 Where are you all applying?
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    CSULB and San Diego state. I may try for SFSU
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    Quote from Sweet charm
    CSULB and San Diego state. I may try for SFSU
    I plan on applying to CSULB and SDSU too! SFSU seems to have so many more requirements! I'm worried that not being a local resident to these schools will effect my acceptance. /: Are you almost ready to transfer?
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    USF and Samuel Merritt University in Oakland
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    I'm applying to CSU Bakersfield, turning in my application tomorrow!! so nervous. How are all of your grades/teas if you don't mind me asking?
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    I am also applying to CSUB, and I am very nervous myself. My teas score is 84. I am really not sure if that is a good thing or not.
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    I have a 4.0 in pre-reqs, 3.9something cumulative. I have not taken TEAS yet. What about you?