CA correctional/DMH RN application

  1. Hi, has anyone applied to or works at a state facility? I'd like to apply, but the website is really confusing. Do I have to get eligibility somewhere through a test? Or do I just mail in the paper application to the address indicated on the vacancy? I'm interested in the RN safety positions. I know that the correctional facility positions have its own website. Thanks to anyone that can help.
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  3. by   slward
    I applied. I didn't take any test (I know what you are talking about!), but I did receive a letter like 6 months later informing me that I was eligible to apply to open positions. It also listed one or two positions that were open and stated that I may apply for them, or if I choose not to, that I am still in the pool and they will inform me of openings as they come available. It also said that unless you specify, you are in their system for all regions. But I haven't received anything more from them. (I didn't apply to that position-too far away)
  4. by   gastro2012
    I have applied, but haven't had much success! From my understanding, here is how it works:

    1) Go to- California Correctional Health Care Services - Nursing Careers to see all the nursing positions and exam bulletins available.

    2) Take the online self exam/assessment/test instrument specified for that position. I took the one for registered nurse CF, and its basically just filling out what your experience and qualifications are. I am a new grad, so I had basically none and got an 85%. This score stands for 6 months, when you can re-test.

    3) This exam creates an eligibility list based on your score to fill open positions- with obviously the highest ranking candidates getting first consideration. Your exact ranking is also dependent on what locations you specified you were interested in and their popularity/openings.

    4) You then get an "employment inquiry" in the mail, that basically invites you to apply for a specific open position that you are eligible for. Basically it involves completing state form 678, making a copy of your license, and mailing it all to the address listed on the inquiry. These inquiries will also tell you your exact list rank/sequence for that position- this is where i get a little confused, my rank/sequence is usually 15/3-41....and I've heard that according to the "rule of 3's", usually only candidates from the top 3 rankings get an interview. So, given my rank/sequence, it all seems a little hopeless for me...but it doesn't hurt to try!

    ....and thats as far as I have gotten! I have received 6 of these employment inquires in the past 2 months, but haven't heard anything else since completing them!
  5. by   cobee
    I applied on the website too, for CDCR, and only got a 75 because I'm an ADN. I'm thinking that there are probably thousands of people who are on that eligibility list so I'm not really focusing on them. I just did an oral exam for Dept of State Hospitals and I'm ranked 2 so I guess its good. I wish there were more posts on AN about DSH or DMH though because I don't really know what to expect now.