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Hi i have applied to BC college for Fall of 2013. Anyone else? This is my second time.... Read More

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    YoU Dont want to apply to other schools? I am soooooo scared of getting the letter. Did you apply last semester for spring time? I was so bummed when I got denial letter last semester and I wasn't placed on waitlist what about you were you? I saw on these forums many people who Applied for their first time got in. I don't know I guess it's just luck.
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    I will be staying in Bakersfield for various reasons, so I won't be applying to any other schools. I prefer BC because their program is more "hands on" than CSUB and that's how I learn.
    I did apply last semester and was not put on the waitlist. I wasn't really upset when I got the denial letter because I wasn't expecting to be drawn. I don't like the lottery system because is it all up to luck and I'm not a very lucky person But I suppose it puts everyone on a level playing field and that's good.
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    Ya I agree with you. Lets hope for the best and see what happens
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    Haha I am not a lucky person either. We are on same boat. How much is it for apartments to live there just in case I would have to come only if I get in
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    An I hope we do but let's just cross out fingers and hope for the best
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    The Northwest and Southwest are the most expensive areas (BC is in the Northeast). You will find the nicest apartments in those areas, but they will run you $800 to over $1000 for a small place. Also, traffic is bad on that side of town. The apartments by BC seem to be about $700 for a 1bed/1bath, but I couldn't give you any detail on which apartments are best. I'm not familiar with that area.
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    Thanks for all the information. We won't find out until may for the decision the anticipation is killing me
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    What are your grades like if you don't mind me asking. Like the science and overall. In my science as bakersfeild evaluated it and my micro class mest me up in bringing it down.
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    May?! That's a horribly long wait. :/ Oh well...
    I'm not sure what my overall and science GPA's are, but I got A's and some B's. Micro was rough. I lucked out with a fairly easy instructor.
    How did you do in A&P. To me, that's the most important class to understand before nursing school.
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    Ya I did good in physiology and ok in anatomy but yea on other forums look like they waited until May

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