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I just received my acceptance letter from BC! Any one else... Read More

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    I didn't get chooses for this time. I got my letter today that's a bummer... How about u jenjen 83 did u receive ur letter?

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    I got my acceptance letter on Saturday! I was so excited. So sorry you didn't get in this time. Probably next time for sure!
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    Yea maybe next time. Seems like a person gets in the second time around. I am so happy for you! Good luck with everything and tell me how your semester goes!
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    Have u taken the teas?
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    Did u passs?
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    Haven't taken it yet. They schedule the tests for December. Studying now. Good luck with everything.
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    Good luck !!!!
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    RN121... you should look into getting a "sponsored seat" from one of the area hospitals! That's how I got into BCs program! Good Luck!
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    Hi I did apply for the sponsership seat at Mercy I missed the deadline for Memorial. Which one did you get accepted through
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    Hi u guys I was placed as a alternative do u think I will get acceptrd

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