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Hello everyone, Has anyone attended or heard of National Univesity in Fresno, CA? They have this program there and its accredited through CA BON. I just wanted to know more about it and your... Read More

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    I attended national university for a per req anatomy and physiology 2... It was aweful the teacher just gave you the answers to the test.. No one learned anything unless they did some serious self studying. I talked to the nursing students there and they discouraged me from going to their program. It's pretty much self taught and honestly I don't want to work with those kinds of nurses. I want to know what's going on with my pt. and physiology is important. I am currently in the CSU Fresno program in my second year and haven't heard too many good things regarding national university nursing students.. I hope you find a better school. It will be hard getting a job when their reputation isn't the greatest.
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    PS sry for the terrible grammar.

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