Average LPN/LVN wages in SoCal

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    does anyone know what the average LPN/LVN wages might be in Southern California?? Long beach, Anaheim, Santa Anna, Garden Grove or Westminster areas. Also, does anyone know if I will have to take a test to be registered in California? I am IV certified...if that matters. I plan on moving from Idaho very soon and would like to figure out about how much my income might be b/f moving. I have most experience in Long term care(1year exp)and in Psych/Behavior Health(3 1/2years exp)...I have no idea how to really get started on looking up wages and what not...any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    The pressing question will be whether or not you can find a job. Contact the CA BVNPT to see what you need to do to endorse your Idaho license into CA.
  4. by   dturn
    Can anyone in So Cal.... Santa Monica....long beach.....LA area tell me what the salary for an LVN is? 10 yrs experience. LTC wages?
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    Moving to the CA Nursing Forum for a more targeted response.