Anyone else applied to Samuel Merritt University Spring 2013 BSN program?

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    I just dropped off my application for the Spring 2013 BSN program at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, Ca. Anyone else want to wait with me? I am currently taking 4 courses in progress until mid December! I am so nervous !!!

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    Moved to the California State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
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    I just applied! I'll keep you updated -- I'm also taking 4 classes, and my TEAS score SUCKED so we'll see!
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    I applied as well. I'm finishing up 2 courses and my TEAS score wasn't that great either.
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    I applied. I have one course in progress and my Teas score isn't that great! Hope we all land a wishes
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    I also applied to the 2013 spring BSN program! How competitive do you guys think you are? My GPA is a 3.81 overall.. with a 3.67 in the "science" pre-reqs. I scored a 84.7 on the TEAS and only decided to take it once.. Good luck all! I'll keep you posted if I get in; I think we are supposed to hear back by early November.
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    Blacksheep45, you sound like a great candidate! I have a 3.88 overall college GPA, 3.26 in the sciences (A in Chemistry, B in Micro/A&P) and I scored a 68% on the TEAS. I have 4 years of experience as an EMT on a 911 ambulance, and got two letters of recommendation from my boss & my A&P Professor, so hopefully that makes up for my less than stellar TEAS score.

    Good luck to you ALL! I just called the college yesterday and found out that my application (sent one week before the due date) was being reviewed.

    I was also told by a counselor not to be discouraged if we do not get admitted the first try. Many students apply more than once before getting in, so lets stay positive! Good luck!!!
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    Wow, you guys all have really good GPA's! I am positive you will get in. I had a 77% on my TEAS and had an overall pre-req GPA of around a 3.3, and a 3.0 in 3 sciences. I am taking Chem 30A right now, so if I get accepted that will be done. Im super nervous because my GPA is not all that great, but I am a CNA , and have great references !!!
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    I applied to the spring 2013 BSN program. My pre req gpa is 3.4 and my teas score for version 5 is 83%. I am not too thrilled with those numbers but I feel like my essay was strong and my letter was pretty good. How many letters of recommendation did you guys have? Do you think I even have a chance with my gpa? I'm not sure how much they weigh grades compared to your essay and letter of rec...
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    hey Rachel, i think you have a good chance. Your pre-req GPA is pretty good, and your TEAS score is above the requirement. Think Positive ! I am ; )

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