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Anyone applying for Sac State BSN program for Spring 2011?

  1. 0 Since applications just opened last Wednesday, I wanted to create this thread for those who are applying for Sac State's BSN program for Spring 2011. I created another thread 2 months ago, but I barely got any responses so I thought I'd make a new one. Good luck to everyone!
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    Yes, I have applied. And of course we are all on pins and needles waiting. Have you heard anything back yet?? Anything about point cut-off or # of apps submitted?
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    Hey waitingj! Haha you also responded in the CSUS spring 2011 hopefuls right? Yes I am sooooooooo nervous! I emailed the nursing department around the first week of October asking about the number of applicants and they said that there were approximately 150 applicants, which is lower than previous semesters so that's good news for us! Somebody from the CSUS thread mentioned that they called the nursing department and found out that the point cut off for Spring may be slightly lower than last semester. I emailed them a week ago asking if they know when they will be sending out emails, but I haven't received a
    response yet. They're probably busy reviewing apps.

    Good luck to you! Let us know if you hear of any new updates!
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    Hi roxy922,

    Haha, yes. And I thought your name looked familiar. Well, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who's last email didn't receive a reply (I mean, at least it doesn't feel personal now, lol, ). This process is giving me a dang ulcer.
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    And now it's probably obvious that I'm spending way too much time combing through the net looking for glimpses of insight into what to expect when those emails come our way. Good luck to us both!!!

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