Anyone a Lompac, CA nurse. Thinking of relocating....

  1. 0 My husband works for the prison system and he is looking to relocate to Ca. The prison is in Lompac, Ca. I am wondering the average salary. I have 2.5 years experience as an RN, BSN in an acute care setting...any help?
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    Do you mean Lompoc?

    I was born and raised in a city not too far from there. The cost of living is sky-high, and jobs are hard to find for even the most experienced nurses.

    I imagine you could command in the high $30s to mid $40s per hour in Lompoc and the general Santa Barbara County area.
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    Okay great..thanks
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    I was born and raised in Lompoc, though I am not living there currently, I still have most of my family there. They just opened a new and bigger hospital this past year and there are lots of RN positions open. I am sure you wouldn't have a problem finding a job as a nurse. Just google Lompoc Valley Medical Center. Yes, cost of living is high, but it is a nice little town with awesome weather. There isn't much to do there but you're not too far from Santa Barbara so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Currently suffering in the So Cal heat... can't wait for the day I can go back to Lompoc. Good luck and lmk if you have any questions about Lompoc.

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