Any Nursing Programs that work with Working Parents?

  1. i have dreamed of going to nursing school but my problem is that i am a working single mother of 2 children.

    i have no way to stop working to dedicate only to schooling. does anyone know of programs that work with working parents. unfortunately i have no one that can take care of my finances or children while i dedicate to school fulltime.

    i am praying there is a program out there somewhere.

    any advice let me know please.

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  3. by   diamondqueen
    hello :spin:

    i am a single mother with two children and i graduated from nursing school may 5, 2007. to answer your question, i do not know of any nursing programs that cater to the working mother. before i entered nursing school i checked in the united states and i did not come up with anything. i know there are some online programs but be carefult about these and really do your research. it also depends on if you want to do lpn or rn. i would suggest asking the board of nursing because they are the ones who approves the program in any particular state (that is how i conducted my research).

    just to let you know, there are some programs out there that will help you to go through school. the us department of health and human services has a scholarship program that pays a stipend every month. try google searching it by entering the following: nursing scholarship us dept of health. here on all nurses there is actually a forum or a sticky that is dedicated to financial aid, scholarships, grants not to mention many threads. you may want to search the site to find these.

    i got through school by working fulltime nights while taking prerequisites(sp). when i got into the upper division of the program (actual nursing classes), i had to drop to part-time, then 1/4 time, and finally rsp during my last year. we lived off of my monthly military education benefit and financial aid and a little help here and there from good ole dad! lol

    bottom line is you can do this. so here is my advice: live the life you want today because tomorrow may not be seen. if you have a desire to go to nursing school, then go!! be well informed about your options and may this dream a reality. i wish you the best in all that you do!!! my prayers are with you.
  4. by   Michellex1013
    You didn't mention the age of your children but it can be done, ESPECIALLY if they are old enough to care for themselves after school. I don't know about grants or loans but I do know a lot of people that worked on 12 hour weekends (days or nights) and went to school M-F usually 8-no later than 5. Having one semester of nursing school will let you in on a lot of tech jobs in states that don't require you to be a CNA. I guess since you are posting this in the California board you live there. Do you have have any relatives or friends in other (cheaper states) that can help? Even if it is just an address to get you in-state tuition. Good luck. It will be a very very very hard few years BUT it is well worth it and a great career.