Any Fall 2011 Bakersfield College ADN Hopefuls?!

  1. I applied to the Bakersfield College Nursing program for the first time this March, hoping to get in Fall 2011..but who knows with the lottery system they have. Has anyone else out there applied for BC as well?
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  3. by   kmh01
    I applied to the Bakersfield College Nursing Program this March as well! Fingers crossed!!!!! I hope I get in! This is the second time applying since I have had my pre-req's completed!!! I am really counting on getting in this time!
    Good Luck to you! If it all works out hopefully we both get to start this Fall!
  4. by   supermotojen
    Oh really, well I know quite a few people who got in their second time so I think your chances should be pretty fair! Good luck to you too! Did you apply for a sponsored seat at any of the hospitals?
  5. by   kmh01
    Thanks! No I have not applied for any of the hospital sponsored seats. Probably should have. I heard of someone getting in last semester the first try with a sponsored seat because not enough people applied for it. I don't know how true it is, but the girl who told me husband is a doctor and it came from him? So who knows.
    Did you apply for a sponsored seat? I wonder if it is too late? I have never looked into it.... ???? Or even how to apply.....
  6. by   supermotojen
    Ya I have heard similar stories from people, but I believe that people will get in for the semester they apply. I actually did apply for one, but only at Memorial because I have always wanted to work there! I got the info to apply last year on a field trip with my CHEM class. So what classes are you taking while you're waiting?
  7. by   kmh01
    I want to work at Memorial too! Especially now that they have the children's hospital!
    I took Nutrition last semester and this semester I am taking Medical Terminology. Wanted to keep my class load light because I know the program is a lot of work. I'm ready for the challenge though!
    What are you taking?
    That's great you applied for the sponsored seat, I think it gives you more of an advantage to get in this Fall.
    Good Luck!
  8. by   supermotojen
    Oh right on, I know Memorial is growing and the new wing is very nice! I am actually starting a new job there next week, so I'm sure to familiarize myself with the facility and staff. Regarding classes-Nutrition is good to have and so is Med. Term for more background. I have taken them as well. Who is your med term teacher? I had Nixon during CNA class and Young for med term, they were both great. Yeah I did the same thing this sem (keeping it light), I am taking Intro to Logic and an online EKG class..easy.. I am also tutoring a lot of sci classes in the tutoring center, which I am loving more than anything!
  9. by   kmh01
    Are you starting a job as a CNA? I too am a CNA, I had Nixon as well. I took that class last Spring Semester, you? I have Young this semester for Med. Terminology, I agree they are both great.

    If I don't get in next semester I plan to get a job as a CNA. I am just waiting to see what is going to happen. I don't want to work while I am going through the program. Do you plan on working??
  10. by   supermotojen
    Actually I am starting in housekeeping/environmental services, I have applied for a million CNA jobs but haven't got one at any of the hospitals. That is so funny, I took CNA last Spring too!! We prob know each other. I was in Mrs. Preston's group and went to Delano for clinical. I don't plan on working much once I get into the program (prob 1 day per week), that program is a full-time job itself! lol I'm kinda in the same boat as you, I'm going to see how it goes.
  11. by   kmh01
    That's funny. I was in Mrs. Abbott's group, I stayed in Bakersfield for clinical.
  12. by   supermotojen
    Hey KMH! I just got a call from Memorial last week, I got accepted! I am soooo excited and cannot wait to start in Aug. Have you heard anything yet??
  13. by   kmh01
    Congratulations!!!!! That's SOOOO exciting! I'm happy for you! I bet you're still dancing around, I know I would be! Have you taken the Teas yet? If not do you know when you have to take it?
    I still haven't heard from the college, the longer the wait the better, right?
    I heard the acceptance letters will not be mailed out until the beginning of May, so I just have to make it through another week and a half! lol
    Fingers Crossed! Congrats!
  14. by   supermotojen
    Thank u! I know I have to keep pinching myself! I actually took the TEAS last year, so I already have my results for that. I heard the same about the letters, last year my friends got theirs the week before finals. Good luck to you, I am hoping you will get in too! Make sure to keep me updated!