Accepted into City College or Palomar by the point system???

  1. 0 Hi,

    Does anybody who's been accepted into City or Palomar with the point system mind sharing how many points they had. I'm currently on their waitlists and I'm wondering if it's even worth it for me to apply with the point system.

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    Accepted for fall 11', from my own calculation I had 84 points on my application. Good Luck.
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    I'm not sure how many points my application was awarded for the TEAS portion because I was borderline, so I either had 82 points or 77 points. I was accepted into City Fall '11 and Palomar Spring '12.

    You can also apply for Grossmont Spring '12. That application deadline isn't until sometime in the summer.
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    Qtip or emeraldstar,

    When did you guys apply? Just curious if its really faster to apply under the new point system or I should just wait until my number comes up. I'm still on the 80's at Palomar College

    Thanks in advance,
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    I got in the semester I applied for, I wasn't on the wait list. I think application deadline was January for fall 11".
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    Like Qtip, I also was accepted for the semester I applied for and wasn't on the waitlist prior to applying. The application deadline was December 1st (for Fall 2011).
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    Wow that's great...did they tell you the lowest/highest points they accept?
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    I don't think they disclose the actual point cut-off during their info session or over the phone.
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    Hi Qtip,

    When did you apply? I'm around the same ballpark for points and wondering how soon to apply to Palomar.

    Thanks in advance!

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