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:typinghi fellow students (prospects) of el camino nursing program...i just thought i should start a new thread here so we could all share our teas test result and our acceptance or denial letter...good luck to you all...i hope... Read More

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    Quote from socalpeach
    Hey, can any of you guys already in the El Camino program tell me if there are classes/clinicals on Fridays? I am applying for spring and I will only be taking N150 and N151 for 1st semester. I am taking Pharm this semester...
    thanks for the info in advance! I am kind of nervous as this is the first group of apps based on the new point system...I am just hoping to get in somewhere this spring!
    Hi, socalpeach!

    I've applied to their ADN program for the Spring 2011 entry as well. So far, they have sent out e-mails inviting those who made the preliminary cut to take the TEAS. After everyone takes their TEAS, they will then rank the applicants by the new composite scores and send out admission letters/e-mails accordingly. That's what I've been told so far by the nursing office. I was invited to take the TEAS, but, luckily, I've already taken it and forwarded the transcript. So, I have to wait patiently, which is killing me. The TEAS will be done by 11/19/2010 for everyone, so, I presume that the admission notices will be sent out some time in December. Or, perhaps, they'll wait until January...ughh. I am really hoping for the former. The sooner I know the better...

    At what school are you taking the pharmacology class? I know that a lot of folks go to Harbor to take it.

    I know that this waiting game is difficult on all applicants, but let's wait and see what unfolds. I guess, by reading all of the posts about challenging classes, I should be thankful that I am just waiting to get in. But, thanks to their advice and list of reference materials, I am perusing over a few texts. I will definitely keep my eyes on this thread as new information pours in. I look forward to contributing something useful some day (when I get into the program and pass these classes).

    Good luck to all of the ECC ADN applicants!

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    Shaas, I am taking the TEAS at ECC next week! So I at least made it through the first hurdle! This process is killing me! It takes forever to find out anything!
    I was supposed to take the pharm at ECC this semester, but the teacher kicked everyone out who wasn't already in the nursing program! It was like 20 people! But oh well, it allows me more time to work and save up for the spring, when I probably won't be able to work anymore...

    Did you do well on the TEAS? I am really nervous! Because at this point, I think its all going to come down to this test!
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    I'm so glad for you, socalpeach! Yes, we made the first hurdle. Being invited to TEAS is a good indication that you are closer to admission, or to consideration for admission, at the least.

    I have taken my TEAS in December 2008, and, fortunately for me, they accept my TEAS (no recency issue for ECC). I scored an overall of 87.6%, which is not fantastic but it is not a failing percentage, I hope. If I'm recalling correctly, the ECC allows for any score above 67% as a pass rate, but it does not guarantee admission. Make sure you check with others or the nursing office about the score because I may have incorrect information. Score as high as you can at your first try. I didn't buy the study aids and took the test on a whim to see what it entailed. I hope you purchased ATI study guide.

    Don't forget to study general sciences (your middle school stuff, like earth science about tectonic movements, scientific principles and setting up hypothesis, etc.). Because I was not raised here in the U.S. the terms on TEAS looked completely foreign to me; these are not something you can derive or deduce from the given. Either you know it or you don't. So, if you have some time, devote a couple of hours into general science and some of the basic physical sciences. The questions will range from definitions to what set-up would take the least amount of work. There are tons of free resources online, so, try to utilized them. I am listing a few, as follows:

    Best of luck to you, and I hope to see you in Spring at ECC!

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    To everybody on this thread who applied to El Camino. How many points did you guys have when you were invited to TEAS. How many after TEAS? Thank you for all who reply. I am getting a little nervous.

    -Sairy D.
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    Is this thread still active? I know it's 10 months later, almost, but there's always new ECC nursing students, or those that want to be; right? Would love to dialogue with ya'll. I'm at the very beginning of the journey. Just finished my final pre-req (Physiology this summer - a bear!) and am excited to apply to the ECC-Torrance RN program in September. Anyone else out there?
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    Hi! I'm starting the second semester in two weeks & every time someone posts something on this thread it goes to all our emails so eveyone could see your questions
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