Anyone Start at Coalinga State Hospital May 4th?

  1. I wanted to know if anyone is starting at Coalinga State Hospital on May 4th. I still need to get a place to live. Is anyone starting or does anyone who already works there have any living advice for me?

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  3. by   myron6ny
    I had a girlfriend who moved their from San Diego, Hanford is the closest city like place rents are reasonable coalinga is like a big cowpasture nothing there one movie theater lots of open space some nice homes to ren if you like open space and peace and quiet its cool no traffic to hospital I am thinking of applying once i pass state boards but i would probably stay in Hanford, Check out Coalinga state hospital fairly new patients are very manipulative the have a blog called gulag something check it out You are definitely not walking into heaven
  4. by   newgrad82
    Thanks myron6ny-

    I have been to Coalinga several times in the last few months so I know how small it is. I don't mind it that much though and I think I may just live there to cut down on gas cost. Thanks for the info.
  5. by   joblessnas
    Coalinga, is A small 15 by 15 mile town, hospital is just 3 miles of 5 freeway exit, Its neigbour is pleasant valley prison acualy next parking lot. It's Amazing place especially if u never lived outside big city. First emotions is mixed, between this not for you and I need this job/escape from big city.However, the need for this is not for you is stronger at first sight(very strong)!. Resist that felling. There is so many places to live, all within that 15 mile radius. However, rent is 600 to 800 for decent clean place 2bd. Cheap motels are allover for 200 per 7 days (week). City is self contained, view the city on goolgle view and see the acutal place. Its posible to easily drive 3 hours back and forth from la and back before dark. once in a pay period.
  6. by   navyvet13
    Any update on job here