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Structured course for Burns & Plastic Surgery Nursing

  1. 0 Hey folks
    I am searching for a hospital or tertiary education institution(nursing school) that offered 1 year structured course for burns & plastics surgery nursing for international student.

    I am currently an qualified RN and been working in this field for 12 years. I hope to pursue my interest in this field . I want to know more in-depth & be trained in burns & plastics surgery nursing.

    I am lucky to work for my hospital that agreed to sponsor me to pursue my interest. :redpinkhe

    I need to search for a hospital or school that offer me this course. I have been searching in the internet but unable to find.

    I am writting to hope that someone can guide me or share with me if you know where I can pursue my further education in this field.

    Thank You
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    Are you looking for a course in a particular country or in your own country?
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    I am searching for oversea countries such as UK, USA, Australia and NZ. Unfortunately, my country don't has a year course that lead to a certification.
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    I can't speak for the other countries but in the UK burns and plastic surgery courses are taught as part of a degree or masters program rather than as stand alone courses. There are usually entry requirements to these courses and one would be that you are a qualified nurse with NMC registration, therefore unless you go through the registration process with the nursing and midwifery council it is unlikely you would be accepted as a student on such a program.
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    Thanks Sharrie. BTW, do you have any idea which hospitals or universities in UK actually offered this course as part of their degree program?
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    Is there any burns or plastic trained nurses out here in this forum who can share with me where you were trained? Any nurses from Australia? Is plastic and burns nursing a combine course or they are separate course?:icon_roll
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    please i need a comprehensive details about burns and plastic nursing in Nigeria