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Hello all! I posted before about my brother with 2nd/3rd degree burns over about 8% of his chest. He is doing ok, but his physician still REFUSES to give him anything for pain other than the Lortab 7.5 mg. :angryfire: Now,... Read More

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    In the Burn Unit where I work most grafts that are 8% would be outpatient. The donor skin comes from the patient usually the thigh (or back depending on how much skin is required) and is meshed so only a small area has to be taken. After the burn is debrided the donor skin is applied by using staples to keep it intact. A post-op dressing is applied which is usually tegaderm on the donor site and xeroform and the grafts and a lot of padding. The dressing is removed within 3 days and stapples come out 4-5 days depending on how the graft is healing. The donor site is basically like a second degree burn and most say it is more painful than the graft. It usually heals within 2-4 weeks if there aren't any complications. As for the Medicaid, they should pay. The doctors I work with are Plastic Surgeons but they specialize in burns, if Medicaid is refusing to pay the doctor can appeal to them. The doctor should be experienced in grafting burns and the care afterwards because it is a long and painful process. He may require PT or OT and will need to be monitored for scarring in the future. As for pain we usually start the patient out on Vicodin and if this doesn't help then we try different methods (as outpatient our docotors would prescribe Dilaudid 2mg.)

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    Wow, I guess I should have read the last post sorry my post was a little delayed.
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    try googling the genzyme company. That company uses the person's own skin to grow new skin. Works, too.
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    just another note of encouragement: advocate with your PCP and insurance and get transferred to a burn unit/center. 8% of body on the chest? 2nd to 3rd degree? May not need graft, autologous graft 100% doable! Don't even waste time with a doc who doesn't know what he's doing.

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