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Did anyone else see this article on Very sad. Of course, as a former burn nurse, I was a bit irritated when they wrote that teams of doctors do the 4-hour dressing changes on this patient.... Read More

  1. by   GreyGull
    Quote from FSU_NOLEGIRL_RN
    Oh and I forgot.. it is the NURSES who do the debridements as well. The docs go look at them in ER, write debridement orders and floor or ICU order and don't even come to see them after the debridement, just the enxt day.
    For serious burns, especially for peds, it has been my experience that the burn team will take the patient back to their unit as quickly as possible. The team, including the doctor(s), would not just walk away from a child with 65% burns especially with airway issues.
  2. by   hiddencatRN
    During clinical rotation for my peds class, I shadowed in a Burn Unit, and the doctors (residents, plastics, and the attending) were all present and active in the wound care that I saw (dressing change on an older burn and debridement of a new burn). The debridement involved conscious sedation for the patient but the dressing change didn't. So it doesn't seem impossible that doctors sometimes do burn care.