Dream job offer--pediatric burns!!!

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    I'm a new grad and I've been offered a job in a Shriners hospital....anyone have any experiences to share about Shriners' new grad program? Goodness, I feel so honored and excited....and, well, petrified! I never thought I'd be hired--it was a total long shot and now here I am!

    So......I'll take any advice, pep talks, reality checks, experiences....please?
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    Congratulations! You are saint to want to work with kiddie burn patients!
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    Quote from nesher
    Congratulations! You are saint to want to work with kiddie burn patients!

    No, I'm not a saint.....but I love peds and I guess I like "hard" stuff (my other love is oncology). I officially accepted the offer and will start after I pass my boards.....

    I sure wish this forum was a bit more lively :uhoh21: ....
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    i was offered a job at shriner's and inevitably declined it.
    it was my dh who talked me out of it as i just couldn't handle anticipating the suffering, the crying, the painful dsg changes....it does indeed, take a special type of person to be able to deal with this.

    so with that said, congratulations; i'm sure you'll do wonderfully.
    i too love children- just can't see them suffer.
    but then again, as a hospice nurse, there are many who could not assist in helping someone die.
    so i do think we end up where we fit best.

    much luck to you!

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    Can I get an update please? I am about to graduate from a nursing program and got a call today from Shriner's Hospital about a PICU position that I applied for. I meet with them next Thursday. So excited/nervous.

    Thank you,
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    I did my senior role transition at Shriners. It was the best experience of my life. If I hadn't moved right after graduation I would have done everything in my power to get a job there. Good luck to you!!

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